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Old 03-07-2013, 01:28 PM   #1
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Default Z06 Caliper Components & Pads

This is being posted for one of our customers who is not active on the forums but wrote this review to make other Z06 owner aware of his results.

My name is Coop and I've never posted any comments on any forms whatsoever. However, recently had an experience that I just had to relate to the Corvette world. I have a 2006 Z06 Corvette. I have been taking the car to track days for the last couple of years. Since I started taking my car to the track I have had constant problems with my brakes. I started with upgrading the pads then moved on to a higher quality disc. I still experienced continuous problems. I found a local brake Company called a "RacingBrake". There located in Fullerton California. I spoke with the engineer and co-owner of the company. I explained my problem to him and he said he would guarantee to fix my problem. He suggested that I rebuild my original brake calipers using their caliper rebuild kit. The kit contained stainless steel pistons, high heat resistant seals, and stronger dust covers. He also suggested that I used their one-piece brake pad and stainless steel brake line. I also purchased their open slots brake disc. The disc was unique in that the drills were contained in the slots.
I found the people at RacingBrake to be extremely helpful. The owner taught me more about brakes that I thought I would ever know. He was excited about his new products and seem genuine in wanting to help me correct my problem.
I have now had 3 full track days on the upgraded system. As promised my brake problems were solved. Even when heated the brakes performed well. There is little wear on the one-piece pads.
The best part of my whole experience was the reasonable cost of my upgrade. I did my entire brake upgrade for around $3000. I would highly recommend you try "Racingrakes" if you're addressing any brake issues. It is a lot more fun at the track knowing that my brakes will perform as expected.
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