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Old 02-04-2009, 11:10 AM   #1
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Default SUBARU: Thinking of upgrading your brake?

The following is a message originally posted on 8/15/08 at

RacingBrake is proud to be a supporting vendor of this forum and would like to present the following brake upgrade options for your Foresters:
  1. One-piece replacement upgrade ~$300.00 (4 corners)

  2. OE caliper big brake kit ~$600.00 (front + rear)
    Please read:
    What is an OE caliper big brake kit?
    Why RB OE caliper kit is different from others?

  3. Aluminum Caliper Kits ~$1,500.00 (front)
Out of the 3 options the OE caliper big brake kit is the most popular and affordable upgrade in the Subaru community. We are taking a survey right now, please actively participate so your voice can be shared with others.
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