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Old 02-05-2018, 02:10 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by Z7What View Post

Also, have yall thought of producing a BBK for the F150/Raptor and not just the stock replacment stuff?

Yes Sir,

Here is what our brake upgrade line-up for F150

1. 350/348mm - Stock replacement. We offer a light weight Heavy Duty 4-pot aluminum caliper kit replacing OE heavy and bulky caliper. Since our light weight 2pc are made to the same specs as OE, so you can opt the RB kit (front only), just 2pc rotors, or just calipers - Very flexible.

2. 380/348mm - Oversized front RB brake kit and matching rear stock size 2pc (348mm) - retain rear OE calipers & emergency brake.

3. 390/390mm - A Complete RB brake kits - Our standard 19" heavy duty kit built for Heavy SUV/Truck (Mercedes ML63 AMG, Jeep G-C SRT8, Cayenne etc.)

Depending on your wheel sizes and what you like to achieve, RB has more brake upgrade options for your choice.
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Old 02-06-2018, 03:14 PM   #22
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Default 14" Rotor Kit fits under 17" wheels

Originally Posted by Truckzor View Post
Please correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see Alcon, Baer, Brembo or R1 posting the weights of their Raptor kits and yet you're arguing with these guys over significant digits.

Warren, I agree with nikshub1, most Raptor owners want to stick with 17" wheels and there are already good brake kits out there for those who are willing to increase wheel diameter (Brembo, for example).

Here are some examples of stuff that's already out there for 17" wheels...

Alcon Brake Upgrade for Ford F-150 Raptor - Alcon Alcon - Specialist Brakes and Clutches

I really like the look of your stuff and I am inclined to give it a go but I don't love the idea of downsizing my rotors. My truck is going back into the shop for a Gen 3 whipple rotor upgrade soon. Would love to be able to get the brakes done at the same time.
Comment-Strictly from their ads.

Baer 6 Pot front kit:
355x32 $2,999. Their pad (C5/C6 D731) is smaller than our 4 pot (D1149-Dodge Challenger)
Known Wheel Fitments for 17 inch wheels:

• Weld Rekon, 17″
• BTR G2 17″
• Method NV 17″
• Method Mesh 17″
No mention their kit fits under stock 17"

Alcon 6/4 kit:
Front: 347x36; Rear 360x32
  • Picture shows 1pc rotors, not two piece
  • No price
  • No pad specified (heavy duty?)
  • Caliper body is made of Ductile iron - Same as OE caliper material, better strength than aluminum but they must be heavy, it may even be heavier than OE.
  • No weight published.
Low profile design fits inside OEM 17" Raptor, many 17" and larger aftermarket wheels

Marketing claim is very different from engineering practice, I have yet to see a 14" aluminum brake kit installed under a 17" stock OE wheel.

RB is the only brake company makes true light weight two piece rear rotors that retains OE emergency brake, and our brake kit offers usually contains Front and Rear - Same as our offer for GT350 and Focus RS.
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Old 02-06-2018, 07:18 PM   #23
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