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Old 08-20-2009, 05:29 PM   #1
racingbrake's Avatar
Default Two piece rotors for G37S (front) offered by RacingBrake

RacingBrake is pleased to offer members an exclusive deal on a two-piece rotor that can replace 08-09 Infiniti G37S bulky and heavy OE rotors (w/Akebono calipers), and as a BBK upgrade for G35. We measured the OE rotors and will design and build a much lighter rotor while retaining OE fitment and superior quality standards.

This two-piece rotor will be built with our patented and innovative convergent vane uni-directional, center mount design that allows for quicker and more efficient cooling than traditional surface mount curved vane rotors. Our rotor hats are machined from the forged aluminum alloy that provides extra strength and stiffness over cutting from stock aluminum billet. Learn more about RB's two piece rotors.

Here is a picture of the stock G37S Rotor showing ~30 lbs (the heaviest rotor we have seen in our 25 years in the brake business. As a comparison, the Corvette Z06 - a 505 HP muscle car - front rotor weighs 26 lbs. See our thread in the Corvette forum entitled Complete Z06 Brake Upgrade offered by RacingBrake (14,000 views and is honorably collected in their FAQ)

(Click to Enlarge)

We estimate we can bring the weight down to about 19 lbs. That is an estimated 11 lbs in weight savings, per rotor or 22 lbs per axle!

We will offer pre-orders with an incredible price of $299 each ; $598 for a pair (one left, one right, slotted finish. Open slots add $20 each). This absolute top quality two-piece rotor is retailed at $404 each. On top of these huge savings, the first five (5) orders will save even more - Free shipping within the continental 48 states.

We require a minimum of ten (10) pre-orders to commence production. Once 10 pre-orders are received, this promotion will end and shipment will be 12-16 weeks after down payments are received. This is the rotor you have been asking for, so sign up now!

Pre-Order List - (First 5 orders receive FREE SHIPPING)

Your order will receive two guarantees:
1) Performance Improvement Guarantee: Over your existing one piece or competitors' two piece rotors.
2) Lowest Price Guarantee: If you can find a two piece rotors for the same application, regardless of their builds from AP, Brembo, DBA, PFC, or Stoptech, we will match their price less 10%.

Two commonly asked questions:
1) Why should I buy a two piece rotor?
2) Why RB two piece rotor?
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Old 02-20-2011, 10:51 PM   #2

any chance of discounted fronts with order for upcoming rears?...
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