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Old 02-24-2016, 08:01 AM   #1
racingbrake's Avatar
Default Brake upgrade for 997.1

Please allow us to explain why and how these upgrade kits were developed, and some trouble we are getting from other forum.

We developed our brake kits by measurement and analysis, and we also show you installation illustration and drawings so you can get a good idea of what you will get. However we may not be accurate to answer to a specific model/year over the forum discussion unless items are published on our website, which we apologize and hope other members can help with that.

Kits are fully tested and certified by us with noted "imperfection" in pad alignment per illustration, they are made for a bolt-on installation, but due to the variety of upright casting from OE, in some cases you might have to "work around it" (removing the pad overhang) for a successful installation. Tooling up a special pad to fit the rotor can be done but the kit will cost more... so let's us know if that's what you prefer.

So just understand that these are "retrofit" kits meaning they may not be perfect in all aspect, but it works in "most" part and saves lots of money compared to buying a new brake kit or ever a new car. A little work on your part will make you brake upgrade job more rewarding.

We realized there are always some engineer or brake expert out there that are critical about optional alternatives. However this user publicly criticized our design, without contacting us to clarify his concern, or even seeing these kits. Everything he said was based on his observation. Not only this is totally groundless, but also irresponsible and should be discredited.

The statement he quoted was not under the brake kit, rather it was used to warn those who intended to purchase only the adaptors (for whatever reasons) which can run into fitment issue that we try to avoid, or for a competition from copying our intellectual property.

RacingBrake is a technology based company. The owner and chief engineer received his BSME degree from NJIT, specialized in thermal dynamics and metallurgy before starting this brake business 30 years ago. He also received 3 US patents in brake designs from USPO.

These kits are very popular since released in 2013 with many satisfied Porsche enthusiasts making this conversion which we believe is the best proof.

We rather spend our time in brake development than debating with those "experts" with only a user name, because our website has detailed the basic and fundamental of brakes and why our design are better under General Information. These kits are offered as an option only with no marketing gimmick, nor it's intended to embarrass or offend some expert who swore and insisted that these 380mm kits can't be done.

Thank you for reading.

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Old 02-24-2016, 09:18 AM   #2
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Similar retrofit kits offered by RB to oversize OE rotors with OE calipers (Partial list for high horsepower muscle cars only.) just to prove our competency.
  1. Audi R8: 365 to 380mm - 8 piston caliper
  2. BMW (5 to M5): 348 to 400mm - 6 piston caliper
  3. BMW M3/M4 (Iron to CCB): 380 to 400mm - 6 piston caliper
  4. CTS-V (V1 to V2): 355 to 370mm - 6 piston caliper
  5. Dodge Viper (ACR to ACR-XE CCM): 355 to 390mm - 6 piston caliper (Asymmetrical legs)
  6. Ferrari (F430 to F458): 380 to 394mm - 6 piston caliper
  7. Lamborghini Gallardo: 365 to 380mm - 8 piston caliper
  8. Mercedes (C63 to Black Series): 360 to 390mm - 6 piston caliper
  9. Nissan GTR (09-11 to 2012+): 380 to 390mm - 6 piston caliper
  10. Porsche 996/997: 350 to 380mm - 6 piston caliper (Asymmetrical legs)
  11. Porsche 991 CS to GT3: 340 to 380mm - 6 piston caliper (Asymmetrical legs)
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Old 02-24-2016, 11:41 AM   #3
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For some members don't know about RacingBrake please take a look at our brake development forum, and see how many exciting and demanding brake projects are going on.

Here is a comment we just made to Viper community in regard to why they shouldn't just look to "upgrade" brake pads.
I think replacing rotor and pad would be a good idea. Just replacing the pad for the belief from some pad mfgrs' unrealistic advertisement with higher temperature limit pad, is just like taking stimulant or caffeine to get you over it in a short term but is not a healthy solution in the long run.

RB two piece rotors are made with strong iron so they are harder than most OE or aftermarket, so they don't work well with those pads that are made for OE rotors as brake deposit will result poor braking performance:

If your normal track pads are not enough to handle your brake task, you should consider upgrading the rotor (increasing the thermal capacity of brake system), rather than defeating it. If you think "upgrading" you pads to those crazy pads (good up to 2000F et.) can do the job then why car companies must adopt to bigger rotors and calipers nowadays for those high horsepower cars, why not just use "high temp. pads"?

Why the newest ACR-E rotor is 390mm, and not 355mm+better pad?
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