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Old 08-29-2012, 06:18 AM   #1
Default On a '10 G37s: Racingbrake ET500 pads + flex hone rotor tool

Folks, this is my first post here. I originally posted this on another car-specific forum, but decided to add it here as a testimonial. Some content has therefore been edited for this forum.

My 2010 Infiniti G37s (RWD) sedan has 19k miles and I'm preparing for a track day in November, and was hoping to find some pads that could work well as a crossover for DD and track. All my research led me to the conclusion that I probably wouldn't be happy enough with the compromises a crossover pad makes on the street (squealing, low temp bite) or the track (extreme temp fade resistance and friction stability). Granted, there is a pad out there- namely the {edited for forum} that is purported to be the best possible crossover pad, but I hear that it does squeal like a pig under light applications. I daily in D.C. traffic so that would just get irritating.

So, my decision was to get a great street pad with better initial bite, lower compressibility for better pedal feel, and high enough fade resistance for the street. Of course, minimal squeal and less or equivalent dusting to OEM are nice, too. Again, my research led me to a product that I essentially bought blind- the Racingbrake ET500 pad model. I didn't get the ET800 because I assumed the trade off of more noise wouldn't offset the extreme temp stability which I'll probably never see on the street anyway. I am happy to say it was the right choice.

I'd like to add here that I did not buy new rotors. Instead, I bought a tool called the Flex Hone (BRMRMFH120Z25), which is a series of medium-grit sanding globules permanently attached to a disc you mount into a drill. Combined with their lubricating oil, it significantly speeds up removal of the previous pad layer deposits on your rotors, which is paramount for performance when switching compounds. Saved me a bunch over buying even OEM replacement rotors. That said, I think I will buy a set with my racing pads in a couple months so swapping before a track day will be a faster affair.

On to the performance of the pads:
After the advised break-in per Racingbrake's site, the pads are a revelation. They grab much more aggressively initially, but are still easy to modulate. The pedal is probably 25% stiffer than before, if I were to guess. Moderate pressure on the slow pedal brings about 25-30% more s-l-o-w than before. Hard stomping is pretty impressive. I haven't engaged ABS yet (hard to do with Michelin PSS) so I don't yet have a feel for max torque.

I did end up getting caught in a torrential downpour yesterday and the pads weren't phased at all. Didn't have to scrub the pads with light pressure to get them working, and remember I have stock blank rotors. No slots, no dimples, no cross-drilling.

The *minor* downsides vs OEM: slight squealing at very low speeds in reverse. Other than that, no noise whatsoever. Also, right before you stop completely the pads suddenly grab and the chassis pitches forward. It requires a more deft touch than OEM to stop smoothly. If you've ever driven a late-model German car, you will recognize this behavior (they come with much grabbier pads from the factory- mostly HH friction ratings). To me, these are the most minor quibbles and don't disappoint me at all.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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Old 11-23-2012, 02:48 AM   #2

I concur with Ashmostro's evaluation of the ET500 pads capabilities as a great street pad and I also feel that it can even be used for an autocross and light track day use. My use and introduction of these pads came from the purchase of the two-piece rotor set, front and rear, for my 2012 Infiniti G37S.

I already knew of the benefits of the two piece rotors from Racing Brake from my previous use of a two-piece rotor upgrade for the rear of an Acura NSX over 5 years ago. I'm finding that the quality of the rotors resisting wear and high heat even with the use of the more aggressive pads from Hawk HP+ line amazing. Very low rotor wear, great heat dispersion and consistent smooth operation even under heavy track braking situations. I was looking for something that would give me the bite and heat resistance of the Hawk HP+ pads but with less brake dust and also less brake noise while on the street.

The ET500 pads that were in the G37S rotor upgrade kit were not quite up to the fade resistance of the Hawk HP+ series but in a pinch they would slow you down enough to keep your car under control during the hard braking needed during a HPDE track day session. They also wore out more quickly than the Hawk's but not enough to cause any concern that I needed to change the pads to continue or bring the car home safely.

Where this pad shines is on the street for very aggressive driving situations. The initial bite is immediate and very controllable. You get very good pedal feel which helps in determining proper pedal modulation for any given situation. Stopping smoothly during normal driving was a breeze and I am tickled by how little pressure I need to bring the car to a stop in normal traffic without the pads feeling grabby. However if you do find that you have to stop quickly, they do it without any fuss or worry to the driver no matter the weather conditions. These pads are probably the best street performance pads I've ever used...period.

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