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Old 01-24-2007, 12:49 PM   #1
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Default BMW: M3 Motorsports Two-piece Rotors offered by RacingBrake

RacingBrake is relatively new to BMW community, although we have been building high performance big brake kits and two-piece stock replacement rotors for EVO, STi/WRX, 350Z/G35, NSX, RX8, Corvette, and BMW M3 E36 & E46 series.

We are totally competent to build a track duty performance brake system, however as exemplified by Grand Am Cup, where you can only race with stock calipers but two-piece rotors are allowed coincides to our belief that OE calipers have their good values to preserve and all racers probably need to win the race is a good two-piece rotor and racing pads. Therefore we have chosen to make the track duty two-piece rotors for M3 because their stock size (~13" - 14") are big enough and comparable to the expensive big brake kits.

Here is our two-piece stock replacement rotors for M3:

To compliment your racing gear we will offer a 20% discount on Hawk brake pads, Goodridge or RB brake lines, brake fluid (ATE or Motul) if ordered together with our two-piece rotors.

Front Rotor:

Rear Rotor:

Why should I upgrade to two-piece rotor?

How RB two piece rotors are built differently from others:

We would like to present the following facts so you get an idea how real and serious we are in the performance brake business in comparison to others.
  1. We tool up all our parts including the critical components ?Fasteners for our two piece rotors. (
  2. Our rotors are identified (casted or engraved) with our P/N?s, Production Date Code and Lot Number. (
  3. We use our proprietary metallurgy (alloy) formula and heat treatment process in making our two-piece rotors.
  4. Our hats are made from forged aluminum alloy which has better strength and stiffness than cutting from billet.
  5. We even equip the sand core machine to make core for our convergent vane rotors.
  6. Our sand molding machine (makes sand molds for casting) is of horizontal type which produces a more uniform density and microstructure than of vertical type.
  7. We have received three patents in brake designs from US Patent Office.
    All our designs are easy to understand why our brakes perform better and last longer. We don?t publish uncertified data nor complicated or hard to understand theories like the competition.
  8. We are consumer oriented and our brake upgrades are designed and built around OE setup to save your replacement costs. Our OE caliper big brake kits are affordable and easy to install, instead of expensive aluminum caliper kits that offered by the competition which may also require spacers and larger wheels.
  9. We make more two piece stock replacement rotors than any competition, RB has been delivering two-piece rear rotor for EVO, STi, 350Z/G35, RX8 and C6 (Z51 and Z06) etc for years while competitions still making promises.
  10. We make more OE caliper kits (hard core racing with one piece longer bracket) than any competitions.
  11. See the links how we responded to enthusiast's request and make what they need ? From inquiry to product release.
    For NSX:
    Recent Review:
    Corvette Z06 development:
    Corvette Z06 release:
    Recent review:

    More similar requests are under review and development, see our new development forum.
In the past we only make brakes for private labels such as Raybestos (Brake Parts Inc. ? McHenry IL.) and Autospecialty (Carson, CA) who was sold to TRW and the shareholders subsequently formed Stoptech and Powerslot.

RacingBrake ?The performance brake division was formed in 2002 and since then we have been developing brake upgrades for those popular Japanese race cars. We don't have as much for European (some VW, AUDI, and BMW) and Domestic cars (SRT-4 & Viper). Until recently we just debuted our two piece rotors for Corvette Z06 (505 HP) and they well took the heat from 197 down to 80 MPH. We are also making Mustang Cobra two piece rotors.

Our sponsored EVO car just ran 25 hours endurance race this past December in Thunderhill and finished 2nd place in class E0. The front is a stock (Brembo) caliper with RB two piece rotor, rear is RB?s 4 piston 13? BBK, Both front and rear two piece rotors last the entire 25 hours w/o replacement.

RB two-piece rotors are easy to afford. Our replacement rotor rings not only cost less, but also last much longer than the competition.

Order your two-piece rotors:
M3 E36
M3 E46
M3 E46 Competition Package

We look forward to serving your brake needs.
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