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Old 12-13-2006, 01:00 PM   #1
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Default NSX: Why RB Rotors Last Longer

This reply was posted to NSX forum on 07-08-2006 under this thread:
rotors for HPDE: slotted? Cryo ??

Being a manufacturer we like to highlight some of the important feature of how RB rotors are made differently than others so you may become a more knowledgeable buyer.

The Design ? RB is probably the only manufacturer makes the front rotors directional (curve vanes) which is an upgrade from OE straight vane. We think NSX requires better cooling so we decided to make them Left/Right with two sets of tooling. Most of you know the advantage of directional rotors at the extra cost in production and inventory.

The Material? RB rotors are made from performance material with high carbon contents (3.3% or more) for better thermal conductivity and extra alloys to improve the strength, hardness and thermal stability for better resistant to wear and warping or cracking than OE rotors. While most competitors can use a material doesn?t even comparable to OE rotors, superficial finish (drill or slot) are added just to make the look.

The Treatment ? Our directional rotors (front) are heat treated with our own developed process for stress relief and a more uniform microstructure for a lasting and consistent performance under extreme heat - A natural and proven process, no gimmicks such as Cryo treatment etc. See our comments on RB forum:

The Machining ? RB rotors are 100% dynamic balanced to assure consistant performance under any driving conditions. Note our friction surface receives fine double cross cut. This is an extra step for easy break in, yet the remaining surface are EDP coated for rust resistant.

The Quality Assurance & Tractability ? RB rotors are casted with our P/N, minimum thickness and production date and lot number so you know exactly what you are getting instead of just a part in a box without any identification.

The Warranty & Guarantee ? RB rotors carries the longest warranty in the performance industry and come with money back satisfaction guarantee.

A lot of our customers know RB rotors work better and last longer w/o really knowing the reasons. However if you understand and factor in those criteria it will make your purchase decision more sensible in addition to price comparison.
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