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Old 02-11-2013, 01:05 PM   #1
Default Overall Review

I'm not posting this on here to be a jerk. I initially wanted to submit this email via the online submission form, but it limits to 1500 characters and I didn't see much that I could pull out of this. I then went to email this directly, but can't find the email addresses. So here goes:

Racing Brake,
A few months ago I purchased a big brake kit for my vehicle. It was a newly released kit. Iíve been in this position before and knew that I would have to exhibit some patience because of it being a first run kit. The price was good for the kit and there was some good feedback from some other kits purchased by others. I paid the $1700 and waited.
I was excited about receiving the kit and got to work installing it. I pulled the OEM equipment from my car and quickly noticed a problem. The aluminum caliper brackets were drilled for the wrong sized bolt and thread. I ended up drilling the hole out and tapping them for the correct size. At the same time I had emailed the vendor. As a side note: Luis Avilles (the vendor) pretty much saved me from boxing the kit up and sending it back. Anyway, he emailed me back and got right onto correcting the problem. I got the rest of the kit on. The brakes squealed very loudly. Iím not talking about a mild squeal. Iím talking a hair-raising, run your fingernails down the chalkboard squeal. Obviously thatís not normal. I chalked it up to the caliper brackets and let it go.
I was shipped the correct brackets and got one side on just fine. It seems the other bracket was drilled with the right size and thread, it just didnít line up. Again, I made it work and got it on there. I believe after all this, the driverís side stopped squealing, but the passenger side was still bad. About this time, I began corresponding with Mike Lin. He was another reason why I didnít box this kit up and send it back. Mike promised to make things right and I responded that I would be patient while everything was sorted out.
After this, I went to install the rear braided lines I had bought. They didnít work. There was a mid-year change with the OEM brake calipers. I emailed the vendor and it turns out that RacingBrake couldnít make the right line. This seemed odd to me since the parent company of Racing Brake is an OEM brake manufacturer. That shouldíve been a red flag. But I was determined to be patient.
At this point, Mike sent me another set of pads to see if the squealing could be fixed. And another set, and another set. A set of shims next time, and then another brand of pads. The pads didnít fix it, the shims wouldnít fit, and the different brand wouldnít even fit into the calipers. I asked Mike to send me another caliper bracket. I got this piece and it looked like someone had spray painted it and tossed it into the box while it was still wet. I didnít care by this point. I just wanted to stop being embarrassed by the amount of money I had paid for this brake kit. The new bracket didnít fix the squeal. I asked Mike if we could try another set of rotor rings. And then he disappeared.
It was then I began emailing with Warren Lin. From my research it appears that he is the president of the company. If he is, I would be ashamed to have a person such as this represent my company. I received a terse email from him stating that I would be sent a set of pads with a softer compound. Surprisingly, they helped the noise problem a lot. I would still get mild squealing in stop-and-go traffic, but I had reached the point that I didnít care. I emailed Warren informing him of this and his reply was ludicrous. As seem to be his way, he quickly noted that some noise was normal. And while I agree with that statement, I donít agree that itís normal to have one side make noise while the other is completely noiseless.
Iíve put almost 10k miles on these pads and I still get some noise. Again, I was willing to live with it. I have never raced on these pads, and I barely ever drive aggressively. As a point of comparison, my previous vehicle was a full-size pick-up truck. I towed trailers with this vehicle and hauled heavy items with it. I also commuted in DC area traffic with the truck. When I traded the vehicle in, it had close to 80k miles on itóstill on the original pads. And still quite a bit of those pads left. I believe thatís a pretty good example of how easy I am on brakes.
At any rate, I went on a drive through some twisty mountain roads this past weekend. I was followed by four other vehicles of the same make and model as mine. None of them have any sort of brake upgrades. At the end of the day my brakes were making so much noise that drivers three cars behind me could hear them. Absolutely ridiculous. Donít tell me that this is normal because itís not. At one point we stopped after a fast section and my rotors were able to be touched, so I know I wasnít being hard on them.
Iím about to try a more reputable manufacturer in hopes that their components are leaps and bounds above Racing Brake. I would email Racing Brake in an attempt to resolve my issues, but Iím tired of fighting and Iíve also seen the way Warren speaks to others that have had more serious issues with the brakes. Warren points fingers at the owners, or blames their misuse on the problems theyíve had. While one of the owners mayíve contributed to his issues, another one clearly didnít. My favorite excuse is that Warren will accuse the people experiencing problems of using the brakes to race with. What?! I hate to be overly obvious, but the name of the company is Racing Brake! Not only that, but the companyís catch phrase is ďStreet Performance. Track Proven.Ē Racing Brake also sells track compound brake pads. How does this make any sort of logical sense?
All of that aside, is Warrenís attitude and behavior. Iíve witnessed him resulting to childish behavior, name calling, and outright lies to argue with owners having problems with the kits. It really projects a business plan of ďwe know our product is garbage, but letís just blame the consumer and take their money.Ē And this is on a public forum. Iím sure I donít need to say that behavior like this really turns off potential buyers. And if it gets to an enthusiast forum (which it has), youíve potentially distanced thousands of buyers.
With my problems, and those of others Iím willing to make a guess and say that thereís a huge lack of research and development and quality control going on within Racing Brake. I donít need to hear any sort of company lines. Iíve experienced far different from the company.
So here I am ready to throw away $1700. I donít like throwing away that kind of money. But the alternative is supporting a company that has treated me and others like dirt, makes an inferior product, and which I have absolutely no trust in. Thereís certainly no support for anything from the company.
I received a big brake kit from another manufacturer and in comparing the two I can quickly see the difference between a quality kit and one from Racing Brake. Not only did I pay considerably less money for this kit, but everything is much better quality. Bedding in the pads went much better, and the functioning is much better than the Racing Brake kit-most of all, no noise. None, and I now have 4000 miles on the kit.
At this point, the only thing that would make me happy with Racing Brake is a refund to help offset the expense of going with another manufacturer. Thereís absolutely no way I would purchase or continue to troubleshoot the Racing Brake kit. The company had its chance and completely blew it. The ball is in your court. Obviously, the choice of how to make this right is yours.
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