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Default 2017 ZL1 vs 2017 1LE

Actually, it is just the opposite. The biggest difference will be the motors, the 640HP LT4 (ZL1) vs the 455HP LT1 (1LE).

Both have 6 piston front Brembos and 4 piston Brembos in the rear. The front rotors on the ZL1 are a little bit bigger 390mm (15.4") vs 370mm (14.6") on the 1LE. However, the 14.6" front rotors on the 1LE are the same size as the rotors on the 5th Gen. ZL1 which was a heavier car.

Both should have the same rear electronic diff. with 3.73 gears for the ZL1 and 3.90 for the 1LE (5th Gen.). Both will have the same six speed manuals. The ZL1 will have the optional $1800.00 (estimated) ten speed automatic and a more plush 2SS interior. Both will have forged 20" rims with 285 fronts and 305 rear Goodyear G:2 tires. Both have Mag. Ride, NPP, HUD, extra cooling and Recaro seats with suede inserts and suede steering wheel and shifter.

On a short tight course it might be a close contest with the 1LE having almost an 180 pound weight advantage. On a large course with long straights the ZL1's extra 185HP could make a big difference. The other big difference will be the approximate $10,000 to $15,000.00 price difference between the two. Both will be great cars for both road and track. Both will make their owners very happy!
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