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Interesting thread from 2015. I see that RB has a trackable sintered street pad for CCM brakes now. Sale price is $1395. Is that for all four wheels or just front (or back)?

Also, itís not clear to me what the characteristics of the street pad are compared to he track pads. Do they cause equivalent or less wear on the CCM rotors? Or are they harder on rotors? This is important to me since CCM rotors as we know are very expensive.

Do the street pads have same or better initial cold bite as OEM? Are they more noisy? More dusty? By how much? I assume they have similar high temp characteristics such as good modulation, high fade resistance as the track version, and at least as good or better than stock? As you might guess, Iím starting to look at pad alternatives. Thanks.

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1. $1395 is for the complete car set (front and rear). Better yet is RB pad lining is made to fit better than OE (78mm depth vs. OE 86mm) on CCM discs.

2. Unless you are racing at pro level, or on an extremely heavy and fast car like Hellcat (5800 lbs @158 MPH). All users report very satisfactory result with tackable street compound (XC-40). This is the only true "hybrid" compound that is streetable yet can stand for track abuse and deliver consistent high brake torque at elevated temperature. So you don't have to switch the pad like conventional semi-metallic between street and track.

3. CCM rotor has a very hard surface, so literally no pad (including sintered) can ever wear out a CCM rotor, but it can be damaged from overheat resulting lose of carbon and the surface becomes pitted. RB sintered pads can repair the damage (via the transfer of layer), restore the disc back to normal service condition but at the cost of faster pad wear in the repairing stage.

4. Sintered brake pads are made of metallic powder "formed" to a metal block under extreme high temperature and pressure, the lining is then "welded" to the backing plate. It's a solid &100% metallic, unlike semi-metallic pads use resin as the bounding agent, and resin tends to get soft/melt at high temperature. So the COF is much higher (0.6 - 0.65) and far more consistent at higher.

5. In addition to the high and consistent COF, our feedback from track customers reporting they last about 3 times longer than OE pads or other aftermarket pads (Pagid RSC or Endless W007) that are meant for CCM rotors.

6. Almost no dust, so if you like what you see on your current set up, you would be even happier with sintered pads.

7. Since the sintered pad is a piece of metal in nature, so you have to get used to a grinding noise when stopping.

Review on GTR forum detailing the testing and performance of this "hybrid" sintered.

Prototype RacingBrake hybrid CCM/carbon pads
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