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Some conversations re weight checking:

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I wanted to update you about my situation. Even after my markers were almost completely gone and we assumed that the rotors needed to change, I went on a trip for 6000km. During this trip I was very stressed about the rotors and everytime I pressed the brakes there was a weird sound and vibrations.
I wrote and complain about rotors to BMW HQ, and Turkey dealer called me and they took the car for inspection. After one week, today I received a call from them, they are saying that they weighed all the rotors and they all had an average around 7.4kg vs min. 7.1kg ; therefore they concluded that there was no necessity for the rotors to be changed.
One side of me is really happy about the fact that even after the markers are gone, there is plenty of rotors left. On the other hand, if this is the case, how in future I will be able to understand the conditions of the rotors and why this sound and vibrations were happening. I really appreciate any comments/guesses about this issue.
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Here is RB's comprehensive write up on CCM rotor replacement:

Note all presentation are based on published and imprinted numbers w/o subject opinion.

Nonetheless my recommendation to those who run CCM brakes is to use "visual" inspection to the rotor (surface) conditions than those "weight" or "wearing mark" suggestion, because all the braking debris build up in the drill holes do add up to the rotor weight* which can give false signal.

The weight or wearing mark suggested by the CCB rotor mfgr are something quantitative for a consumer to reference and observe, how you "feel" is still more important. I have seen people replace their CCM rotors due to ill operation, but hardly seen anyone replaces their rotors due to below minimum weight.

*Unless you clean up all the holes (clean with a pin and compressed air) after track days which I know only very few track racers doing this to keep their CCM rotor in shape. If you don't this regularly, over the time those accumulated debris becomes as hard as iron bits and block the holes, and can no longer be removed.
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