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Sintered process is not a new technology but only some are used as brake pad for motorcycles, very few in car application, and none exists in high performance/CCM brakes.

Sometime it s/b easier for general readers to call it as a "Full" metallic brake pad vs."Semi-metallic" pad that is commonly known and widely used.

Making sintered pad is far more difficult and taking much longer time to make than traditional semi-metallic, as it's 100% metallic powder with more than a dozen of ingredients that's molded together via high heat and pressure, no resin nor additive like semi-metallic which certain metallic ingredient are bonded together by resin and the resin (of plastic nature) can only resist to certain temperature, when over the threshold temperature, the resin will melt and the metallic powder can no longer be bonded together so the pad will accelerate its wear, and emit the resin (commonly known as deposit) to the disc surface which can cause all kind of brake issue - vibration, loss of braking power etc.
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