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racingbrake 10-12-2017 05:15 PM

Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for Ford Mustang 05-14
We are pleased to announce that an affordable CCM brake kit for Ford Mustang from 2005-2014 is now available from RacingBrake.

The kit may look similar to this Wilwood kit.

But it's quite different in the way how the rotor is built, the calipers, and brake pads etc.

This is a kit built with Brembo CCM discs supplied to GM (Corvette ZR1, Camaro Z28) and Dodge Viper, designed and developed by RacingBrake extensive experience on CCB brakes.

Here is the comparison.

racingbrake 10-12-2017 05:44 PM

racingbrake 10-18-2017 06:28 AM

Link to ALL Mustang Carbon Ceramic Brake offer:

All package can be shipped promptly.

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