Here are some links from our most recent posts in rennlist (Porsche) forum - It's a thread polling who has the best aftermarket rotor.
How are your aftermarket track rotors doing? (racing brake, AP racing, Girodisc)

RB two piece rotors last for 45 track days on a dedicated BMW race car.

Cheaper is not necessary worse (rotor performance comparison between Brembo and RB)

RB is the most experienced two piece rotor mfgr in the performance industry, and offers more two piece rotors than all the competition combined.

RB two piece rotors' proven & solid record in those heavily track communities is hard for any competition to even come close.

We regard Nissan GT-R has the toughest brake among all motorsports cars with brake issues for track racing due to its speed and weight. For those who has doubt about Racingbrake should check this GTR fourm and find out which brand they trust most when it comes to serious track racing.

How about the latest Dodge Viper ACR extreme (645HP) beast: