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Brake Line Upgrade

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  • Brake Line Upgrade

    Just installed the Racing Brake braided brake lines on my 2011 Camaro SS.

    Some issues I ran into, basically from the lack of instructions. The only instructions online at are a single picture on where to put the copper washers at the banjo bolt.

    There are 4 lines, 2 that are longer and then 2 shorter ones. No idea which goes where so I had to guess. The only thing that I had to go on was a bend on the banjo end of 2 of the cables, which I put on the front because the OE lines had a bend there. Hopefully that's correct.

    The retainer on the middle of the lines don't come close to matching up to the cars attachment point. Moving them was not easy and on one of the lines the clear "cover" may have been damaged. It kept bunching up when I tried to move it. I finally put some Vaseline on the line so I could move it. So basically there's no way to tell where the retainer SHOULD be, but it's definitely not correct out of the box. Now I'll need to ensure nothing rubs when I put the tires back on.

    No torque value for the banjo bolts, the bolts that connect to the calipers. I imagine this is very important, no? Brake fluid leaks are obviously super dangerous! Also, no torque value for the hard lines to the braided lines.

    I'll come back and update things as I check for leaks and possibly drive it.