The Porsche 991 is an extremely fast and well thought out platform for the track, however, when you find yourself trying to scrub off 100MPH or more headed into turn 1.... You will find the limits of your trust in the brake system. As with all Porsches that see the track, the brakes are great, but you will find the confidence level further into the braking zone can get a bit questionable.
No problem, Porsche parts fit almost all Porsches, so GT3 upgrades are a favorite, but What do you do then when you have a GT3 and feel the brakes are inadequate.
You give RacingBrake a call and you get the Big Brake kit! 410MM fronts and 390MM rear, open slot design, paired with 6Pot front and 4Pot rear calipers. Everything needed is in the kit, down to the fluid. As easy of an install as you can get, and the performance.... Good for SECONDS off your lap times and a big boost in comfort and confidence when the corners are coming up fast. Not to forget the WOW factor when others see the brakes stuffed inside the wheels. Looks just as good as they perform.