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Mercedes Benz CL63 Two Piece Rotor Review by Weissy

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  • Mercedes Benz CL63 Two Piece Rotor Review by Weissy

    A review of our CL63 Two Piece Rotor Kit from Weissy

    Originally posted by Weissy
    So just as I'm getting used to my car after only having it a couple weeks and thinking I couldn't get a better driving experience, I'm in need of new brakes on my CL63. A long time buddy of mine (ML63 AMG on this forum) tells me that now is the best time to upgrade the rotors and pads from OEM and recommended Racing Brake.

    The main reason to go aftermarket was obviously cost, as the dealer wanted $1700 per rotor however I was told that not only would I be spending a quarter of what a full set of rotors and pads would be, the weight savings, longevity, overall performance would be highly noticeable. I went ahead and purchased all 4 rotors from Racing Brake, also got StopTech front pads and OEM rear pads. Warren at Racing Brake was super fast in shipping as well, the second I paid, the rotors went out the same day. Very nice!

    Good GOD am I glad I did this! The car instantly felt lighter on it's feet, the steering felt super sharp, and boy does it bite down and slow this huge beast down! Like I said the main reason I did this was to save in OEM replacement cost but I gained so much more in overall performance it made it so much more worth it. If any of you are familiar with any of Arizona's twisty roads I tested the car through the Spars in Prescott and also Tucson's Mt. Lemmon besides the usual straight line acceleration, hard stopping. To say I was impressed was an understatement. Not only is this car awesome, but I never thought I'd also feel such a huge difference from loosing 30 some pounds on all 4 corners combined. If you need brakes, definitely don't go OEM, upgrade! It's way less and you get a much better product. :y