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Dodge Viper Rear Bias Kit Review by ViperGeorge

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  • Dodge Viper Rear Bias Kit Review by ViperGeorge

    ViperGeorge offical review of our Dodge Viper Rear Bias Kit on

    Originally posted by ViperGeorge
    So I ordered the Racing Brakes Rear Reduced bias kit for my 15 TA. I was told it would reduce/eliminate the rear end wiggle under heavy braking. Guess what? It worked. I installed the new calipers on Thursday and went to the track today. I also went back to full racing pads in the rear. I had been running stock pads in the rear to try and reduce the wiggle but they didn't work. The new calipers with the smaller pistons did the trick. There was still just a faint hint of wiggle on initial braking but it was very mild and hardly noticeable.

    I ordered the calipers in red because they only had red and yellow in stock. I would prefer to have black to match the front calipers on the front of my TA but they don't make black. Now one problem is that the red calipers turned a brownish red. I had once had this problem on stock OEM red calipers on my 09 ACR and they were replaced under warranty. I don't know if anything can be done to prevent the calipers from changing color.

    In any event anyone with the rear end wiggle should consider this kit. Maybe go with the Anoodized finish (kind of a gray color). Unfortunately they didn't have them in stock.

    UPDATE: When I loaded the car on the trailer the rear calipers were reddish brown. They were still hot. Today I got the car off the trailer and the calipers, while dirty, appear to be red again.
    Originally posted by ViperGeorge
    Went to the track again today with my 15 TA 2.0. I have the Racing Brakes rear bias calipers installed and I have to say, amazing! No more rear end wiggle! It is gone. This is huge. Anyone that has experienced the rear end wiggle with stock steel brakes needs this upgrade. Even if you say "it doesn't really bother me." I call BS. The rear end wiggle effects your confidence in braking. Now I don't even have to think about the brakes. They are always there and they work great. Why SRT didn't set the car up this way to begin with is beyond me. HUGE improvement.