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Two Piece Dodge Viper Rotor Review by 71firebird400

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  • Two Piece Dodge Viper Rotor Review by 71firebird400

    71firebird400 originally posted in Dodge Viper thread with concern of his rotor being off centered and hitting the caliper.

    After comparing OEM and multiple aftermarket brand 71firebird400 decides to try our rotor, followed by the review on

    Originally posted by 71firebird400
    The RacingBrake 2-piece rotors arrived today and I have to say they were packaged really well. They looked great, no machine marks on the hat, the finish is nice and uniform and the rotors themselves appears to be made well. I got them on the car and, as predicted, they appear to be moved inward approx .040" which places the rotors very close to the center of my calipers. I have to say that I am impressed with RacingBrake; they appear to have actually designed the rotors around measurements they took on an actual Viper knuckle rather than just measuring an OE part and reverse engineering the component. I would still be interested if others have the time and desire to see where their rotors sit in relation to the caliper; I would suspect they sit towards the outside of the caliper as mine did. I also installed the brake pads that came with the new rotors as I was rather unimpressed with the Hawk HPS pads I had on the car for a mere 10 miles. Once the weather cooperates I'll get the car out and report back on the RacingBrake rotor and brake pad performance. Thanks again everyone for helping me get this figured out.