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rcr162 review on ET900 brake pads for the Corvette C6 Z06

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  • rcr162 review on ET900 brake pads for the Corvette C6 Z06

    rcr162 review on ET900 brake pads for the Corvette C6 Z06:

    User Report - RacingBrake Co ET900 Brake Pads


    Here is my report on how the pads performed at the track, as promised.

    Car - 2007 Z06, all OEM stock except for RB ET900 brake pads and RB caliper pad bolts.

    Track - Road Atlanta, repaved in 2007. 12 turns, 6 braking zones (Turn 1, Turn 3, Turn 5, Turn 6, Turn 7, Turn 10). Heaviest braking zones are Turn 10 (braking from 140MPH to 60) and Turn 1 (from 120MPH to 80).

    Conditions - Dry track, sunny, very hot, high in the upper 90's.

    Event - PCA Drivers Education, Group 5 (highest speed group) I did not check my lap times but they were similar to the 996 Turbos and GT3s on race tires. On the OEM Goodyear tires, I would lose a little ground in the turns and then make it up with better acceleration on the straights. Probably this was hard on the brakes because I had to generate a lot of straight line speed to keep up but then brake down to a speed that the street tires would accept in the turns.

    Results - I ran six 20 minute sessions for a total of about 2 hours track time. ET900 pads had not been heat cycled, so the first session they did not feel good. Second through sixth sessions, they felt great. Very consistent, high grip, with zero fade in very hot conditions. Braking distances were equal to or shorter than the Porsches which is excellent. I recommend heat cycling these pads in a practice session before using in a qualifying or race situation.

    Brake Dust - ET900 pads produced a considerable amount of black dust which washed off the wheels easily, leaving no residue and no damage to the finish.

    Wear - After one event with 2 hours driving time, front pads were 36% gone (7 mm pad material remaining) and rear pads were 27% gone (8 mm pad material remaining). This suggests that the front pads would last two or three weekends and the rears three or four weekends. Pad life is an inherent weakness of the Z06 caliper design, but this is still superior to the reported pad life of other brands.

    Bottom Line – Highly recommended. A true race pad with excellent reliable performance under very harsh demanding conditions. Not a street pad.