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  • ET500 brake pad reviews

    Alberto review on ET500 brake pads for the RX7:

    Just wanted to post a quick update on the ET500 pads compared to the Hawk HPS on the full RacingBrake BBK.

    I've been running the ET500s for a couple of months and a few thousand miles. Have done one track day at Buttonwillow and a decent amount of aggressive street driving on them.

    The verdict: They are great!

    I really wish I had bought these rather than the Hawk HPS pads the first time around.

    The Hawk HPS pads have decent stopping power but feel "wooden". They slow the car down but when you stand on the brake pedal they don't really feel like they are biting hard. This lack of feel makes you question the effectiveness and doesn't inspire much confidence - especially in aggressive driving.

    The RacingBrake ET500s in comparison feel MUCH BETTER. When you get on them, you feel the pads biting harder and slowing you down in a more urgent matter. They really do inspire more confidence in your braking system. The car is much more fun to drive as a result as you don't have to wonder if the brakes are working OK. You KNOW they are working and feel it with every step of the brake pedal.

    Modulation on the ET500 pads are also better than the Hawk HPS pads. I felt like I had to hit the pedal very hard with the Hawk HPS to get the car to stop. With the ET500 pads, I feel like I can more comfortably vary braking pressure to suit the situation at hand rather than stomp on the brake pedal for every hard turn or stop.

    Dusting is reasonable on both pads. I need some more time between car washes but it seems like the RacingBrake ET500 pads dust a little less. It washes off easily with soap and water.

    I am impressed. The pads really behaved themselves well both on the street and stood up well to some decent abuse on track. Very minimal wear, friendly on rotors. They didn't break apart when pushed beyond their limits on track. Dusting isn't bad either. Very good bite and good confident feeling to them. Good stuff.

    I got to say again, I wish I had purchased these from the start. Highly recommend them.

    Given the performance that these pads have offered, I think I might try the ET900s on my next track day. I need to find track events in NorCal now that I'm moving up near Palo Alto.


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    HP+ is classified by Hawk as a street pad, not a track pad. RB worked with Hawk for years hoping to improve their compound in order that the squeaking noise and heavy black dust can be reduced to more acceptable level without success.

    We believe we sell more HP+ pads to EVO 8 and Sti (both with Brembo calipers) enthusiasts than any other car makes. Some can put up with one (usually dust) but hardly both (dust and noise), so we developed the brake shim to solve the squeaky issue. I personally tested HP+ with proto type shims on my 350Z for about two and half years before the brake shims were successfully developed which Hawk was fully infomrd - An example of our providing solution to the performance industry.

    Even just for aggressive street it’s not easy to come up with a compound meeting:
    • The performance – Consistent friction torque under wider temperature range
    • Low or no noise and dust
    • Gentle to rotors
    • Lasts longer
    • Cost effective

    But if “all” the above factors are duly considered we believe ET500 offers the best value with a good balance between performance and cost, which is substantiated by EVO 8 users - Pads were distributed through WORKS Engineering.

    It’s not our intension to compete with other brands or compound, we simply offer it as an alternative choice.

    Thank you. Warren