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Tesla M3 Rear Track Duty Brake Kit

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  • Tesla M3 Rear Track Duty Brake Kit

    I wish Tesla had used a more common rear caliper/pad on the P3D.

    We had this already!!!

    This rear big rotor kit is exclusively developed by RB for upgrading your rear rotors to 365x28mm (from OE 335x20mm) with an extended bracket for an instant track duty BBK.

    This rear BBK will convert your rear brake to be exactly same as Model S rear with the following advantage:
    • Oversize w/o over-weight: No weight penalty even with 45mm (1.8") increase in rotor diameter and 8mm in thickness - See weight comparison below - same weight as M3 (Perf), saves 2 lbs for M3 (base)
    • Fits under 18" wheels
    • For more track oriented M3P it also converts the "unusual" OE caliper to "common" rear caliper w/ePB for easy maintenance and pad replacement.
    • It's a standard S rear caliper & pad so never have to worry about the parts supply.
    • You can count on RB for after-service - The most trusted, knowledgeable, and innovative brake company in the performance industry.Rotor Material: Racing Formula Alloyed Gray Iron & Heat treated
    • Comparable front brake upgrade option to match with this rear BBK (365x28mm):
    1. 355x32mm rotor kit with model S 4 pot caliper - Your brake set up will be same as Model S and Camaro SS (10-15)

    2. 370x34mm rotor kit with Camaro ZL1/CTS-V 6 pot caliper - Your brake set up will be same as Camaro ZL1/CTS-V

    3. 380x32mm rotor with RB HD 4 pot caliper for the best balanced brake system.

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