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Carbon Ceramic Brakes for Cup Cars

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  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes for Cup Cars

    We are building a complete CCM brake system for a Porsche racing team for their 991 Cup cars, converting from factory iron rotors. (ship in two weeks.)

    So we like to know if anyone (individual or racing team) here would also be interested in the same set up.

    Key feature of this RB-CCB kit.

    1. 380/380mm (Same as Cup)
    2. Fit under 18" wheels (stock or aftermarket)
    3. Calipers made by RacingBrake with open top for easy pad change
    4. RB sintered brake pads exclusively made for CCM rotors
    5. Rotor rings = Corvette Z06 - Low replacement cost
    6. Affordable pricing in purchase and low maintenance cost
    7. Quick ship - Order can be shipped in 1-2 weeks

    We expect this RB-CCB system not only can save you some 30 lbs on rotor weight, but will also outlast stock iron rotors with PFC calipers.

    How to restore your damaged CCM rotors at no cost

    Pccb or not pccb - Read this first

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    Originally posted by tcsracing1
    I cant see any 991 Cup team wanting these in North America because there is no series i can think of that will allow it.

    I can see those with street cars looking to ditch 20" wheels and go down to 18" wheels for the track however. GT4 comes to mind...

    Application might work on some PCA club racing cars.

    Which team is running a turbo 991S as a race car?


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      We are only a brake system builder and we design and build the system based on customer's request by analyzing their existing set up and the area needs improvement.

      How a customer would run it (which level, legal or not etc.) is not the focus of our knowledge nor the intention of this thread.

      We found a lot of similarity between Turbo and Cup in upright and brake, so we simply present this 380mm CCB brake system as an option for anyone who might be interested, and I must assume that the interested party s/b aware of, and responsible for the legality of this installation/conversion.


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        Originally posted by CRex
        The Supercup series used to run PCCBs back in the 997 days so there's techincal merit to what you're saying.

        Then with the 991s the teams finally got sick of the horrendous replacement cost and everyone raced on the same PFC cast irons, Cups and Supercups. The dollars and cents just don't make sense this side of factory-backed GTE efforts...

        Many of the series featuring cup cars explicitly require the cars to stay spec... what is your client planning to race?


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          The kit was shipped last week. It took us 3 weeks (14 working days) to build the kit.

          This kit can also be installed on 991 TurboS upright w/o any modification, however you must also switch to RB calipers (not compatible with stock red calipers in pad fitment), or stock PFC calipers.

          This kit is equipped with RB sintered brake pads, the first and only full metallic brake pad exclusively made for CCM rotors.


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            Please note for 991 cup cars the rear upright is same as GT3/Turbos/GT4, but the front has 210mm spread (vs. 225mm)


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              Can RB make CCM rotor kits available to replace Cup iron rotors and fit under OE/PFC calipers and pads?

              Yes. They can be designed and made for a bolt on installation but for the rear you will have to widen the pad retaining plate by about 2.5mm (to 37mm for 34mm rotor thickness)

              Front set up - No modification required - 380x34 CCM rotors with 150x56mm depth OE pad

              Rear set up - 380x34mm CCM rotors with 106x48mm depth OE pad

              Modification required for the rear caliper to fit thicker CCM rotor (34mm vs. OE 30mm). Recommended minimum width: 37mm

              Substantial weight saving and future low cost disc replacement (same as ZR1 rear CCM) is the value of this kit.

              Since this is only a rotor kit replacing OE iron rotors, so customer is to assume their own responsibility in settling for a compatible brake pads.


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                Weight comparison:

                OE cup front rotor 380x32mm Wt: 20 lbs
                OE cup rear rotor 380x30mm Wt: 17 lbs
                Total 4 iron rotors: 74 lbs

                RB CCM replacement rotors (2mm and 4 mm thicker than OE)
                Both front and rear 380x34, Wt: 11 lbs
                Total 4 rotors 44 lbs

                Total weight saving: 30 lbs (40.5%)

                An in-depth review of this set up was just posted by David Donohue.



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                  Cup Front OE Caliper

                  RB Front 6 Pot Caliper (Direct mt)

                  Cup Rear OE Caliper

                  RB Rear 4 Pot Caliper (w/Spacer)


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                    Cup front: 56x140mm
                    GT3 front: 60x168mm

                    Cup rear: 49x106mm
                    GT3 rear: 65x122mm (same as pccb)


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