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Carbon Ceramic Rotor for Ford Mustang GT350

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  • Carbon Ceramic Rotor for Ford Mustang GT350

    This Front CCM rotor kit is exclusively offered for Shelby GT350 as a direct replacement to OE iron rotors:
    • CCM discs - Same as ZR1/Z28 (394x36 CCM rotors)
    • Rotor hats - Designed and made by RacingBrake
    • Calipers - GT350 OE calipers
    • Brake pads - Optional: RB XT910 for street, OE ZR1 for street and light tracking. RB sintered pads are also available XC-40 (street) and XC-41 (Track).

    This is an affordable CCM rotor kit. After purchase from us the replacement and maintenance cost is very low (same as Corvette and Camaro owners) vs. highly expensive replacement like Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes.

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    Rotor Design:

    They are now available from RacingBrake and are shipping...


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      Iron rotor replacement is also available

      Complete (front and rear) replacement iron rotor kit:


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        The world's first CCM rotor kit for Ford GT350 being shipped today.

        Compare to OE iron rotor:


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          Track review

          Originally posted by JAJ, post: 182441, member: 3022
          If you've been wondering how different the CCB rotors look on the front, the answer is "not much". I cleaned the car up after the track day this week:

          A slightly different point of view that shows the difference in tone from front to rear:

          Notice how clean the "Brembo" lettering is on the calipers. I cleaned both the front and rear calipers when I installed the rotors the first time, and after 300 road and highway miles, a cones day and a track day I had to wash the rear caliper but the front was still clean. The CCB's don't dust much, that's for sure. The dust on the wheels in the picture below is from last year.

          I ran the track day this week on RB's Streetable Sintered brake pads. Those pads are solid metal with no binder, and they laid down a really cool looking transfer layer on the rotors at the end of the event:

          The sintered pads were excellent, by the way. Good brake performance, easy to modulate and no sign of fading. I was using titanium shields and ATE Typ200 fluid. The whole package worked great on a track that's famous for destroying brakes.