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Carbon Ceramic and Brake Upgrade for Camaro G6 ZL1

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  • Carbon Ceramic and Brake Upgrade for Camaro G6 ZL1

    Following to our release of brake upgrade option for Camaro LT/SS, we are pleased to announce G6 ZL1 brake option.

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    Camaro ZL1 Brake Bias Analysis.


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      Stock size two piece rotors illustration

      Front: 390x36mm

      Rear: 365x28mm


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        Brake rotor size comparison to other competing super muscle cars:

        Camaro ZL1: 390x36 / 365x28mm
        Camaro Z28: 394x36 / 390x32mm
        Dodge Hellcat : 394x34 / 350x28mm
        Mustang GT350: 394x36 / 380x28mm


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          Carbon Ceramic Brake for ZL1

          Are you looking for a CCM brake setup like Z28 but can not have that option when you order your ZL1, or you like it but think it's too expensive to afford or run/maintain.

          RaciingBrake can help. This will be a new system converting your stock iron to CCM by re-using your stock front calipers, swapping your stock rear caliper to Z28, and we will take care of CCM rotor design and builds.

          We will design and make the required rotor hats, assembled with RB hardware. The CCM discs will be exactly the same as Z28 (394x36mm front and 390x32mm rear.) so no problem in future disc and pad replacement.

          We have both Z28 calipers and CCM discs (front and rear) in stock, and we also carry brake pads (for street and track).

          Let's know if this is something you are are interested.


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            We propose to build the following CCM brake kit for ALL Camaro G6 upgrade.
            • 2 ea Front CCM rotors 394x36mm - Discs from GM/Brembo built with RB high strength and light weight rotor hat and hardware.
            • 2 ea Z28 front 6-pot calipers - Brand new Brembo/GM (ZL1 owner can deduct this item)
            • 2 ea Rear CCM rotors 390x32mm - Discs from GM/Brembo built with RB light weight composite rotor hat and hardware.
            • 2 ea Z28 rear 4-pot calipers - Brand new Brembo/GM (This is a larger 4-pot caliper than SS/ZL1's stock)
            • 1 car set of RB XT910 street compound brake pad
            • 1 car set of Stainless braided brake line kit

            • Highly affordable pricing - Less than $10K (even less w/front calipers deduct if you have already owned ZL1)
            • 100% compatible with Z28 stock (caliper, pad, and rotor).
            • Easy to source for replacement at low costs.
            • Iron rotors are available from RB replacing CCM rotors if you prefer.
            • Brake system is verified*, designed, built, and serviced by RacingBrake to assure you for precise fitment, optimal performance (street or track) and lasting durability.



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              Front CCM Rotor for Camaro G6

              Rear CCM Rotor for Camaro G6


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                RB Rear Hat.

                OE Rear Hat.

                RB rear composite hat (aluminum alloy shell w/Iron sleeve for emergency brake) weighs only 43% of OE (made of stainless steel) - More than 4 lbs per CCM rotor which is highly significant in weight reduction.

                Reviews on Corvette Forum.
                Make your rear CCM rotor lighter



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                  OE (365x28mm) Iron Rotor:

                  RB two piece (365x28mm) Rotor:

                  OE (390x32mm) G5 Z28 CCM Rotor:

                  RB (390x32mm) G5 Z28 CCM rotor:


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                      World first CCM rotor for G6 ZL1 upgrade - Ready to ship!

                      Comparing to OE rotor for weight saving (16.5 lbs per rotor or 55%):