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Brake Upgrade Option for Miata MX5

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  • Brake Upgrade Option for Miata MX5

    This is Miata's newest version called ND (D=4th Generation)

    NA: 90-97
    NB: 99-05
    Spindles are 4@100
    NC: 06-15 Spindle same as RX8 5@114.3
    ND: 2016+ Spindle back to 4@100
    By referring to the Miata Forum, following brake upgrade offers are noticed.

    ND big brake kits from Flyin' Miata:
    $1245 is for a front-wheel only kit with the big six piston caliper and the 12.9" rotor. GWR used some of the same components in their kit. The big price difference is mostly because complete Wilwood kits are an excellent value, and impossible to match if you piece your own together.
    Yeah, frustrating when Wilwood undercuts their dealers, we have both been stung on that over the years...but that's not why we suggest folks stay clear of that 12.88 kit for the moment, while we offer their other new kit in 12.1 inch. We were included in development and testing efforts of their 12.88 kits for NC front, and NC rear, and we tested the ND 12.88 front bits a year ago after the NC effort finished up. We found an issue with the 12.88 bits on the ND front, which prompted us to go another direction and make our own bits for ND 12.88 application. Was surprised to see the 12.88 kit eventually released anyway, expect something in the parts must have changed but unable to confirm what at this we cannot currently suggest that ND 12.88 front. Sorry that I cannot explain it in more detail, I have email into Wilwood seeking clarifications. 2-Piece Sport Rotor Kits (Front and Rear available)

    $420/Front pair (List $475)
    $450/Rear pair (List $499)
    Total Car Set: $870 (List $974)

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    ND BIG Brake Kits by Goodwin Racing:

    * Dynapro 4-piston or 6-piston calipers
    * 12.88" Slotted & Curved Vane Rotors
    * 12 connection points between hat/rotor for even load distribution
    * Aluminum hard anodized rotor hats
    * Aluminum hard anodized mounting brackets
    * Stainless Steel brake lines
    * Stainless steel mounting hardware
    * Street Performance Brake pads
    * Wilwood high-temp brake fluid
    * Full BBK is lighter than the factory 11" front brake set up

    4 pot black: $1199
    4 pot red: $1299
    6 pot black/red: $1499

    Caliper kit only:

    Front two piece rotor:

    Rear two piece rotor ($499 (plain) $539 (slotted) $649 (waved):


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      RB offers for 2016:

      Stock Replacement
      Front 280x22 two piece rotors:
      #2551 Wt: 10 lbs (Retail $549)

      Rear 280x10 two piece rotors:
      #2552 Wt: 7.3 lbs (Retail $459)

      BBK - 12" (300x24mm) caliper kit w/RB 4 pot calipers (RB4045N) - 16" wheels
      Front: #2553 Wt: 11.5 lbs (Retail $1,399)

      Rear: 280x10 (Use stock caliper)
      #2552 Wt; 7.3 lbs (Retail $459)

      BBK - 13" (330x30mm) caliper kit w/RB 4 pot heavy duty calipers (RB460) - 17" wheels
      Front: #2555 Wt: 17.6 lbs (Retail $1,599)

      Rear 330x12 (Use stock caliper required adaptor included)
      #2554 Wt: 10.7 lbs (Retail $559)

      Same price for Black and Red front RB calipers. Blue and Yellow are available with $200 adder per axle set (2 calipers)


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        Wilwood Kits:

        4 pot kit ($699 - $899)

        6 pot kit ($1,245 - $1,465)


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          For 2006-2015

          Goodwin one piece rotor kit:

          Goodwin front two piece:

          Goodwin rear two piece:

          Forum discussion:


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            RB Brake Offer for 2006-2015 Miata

            Stock size two piece rotors:

            Front: #2228 10.4 lbs (290x22mm) available w/RB calipers option

            Rear: #2557 7.1 (280x10mm) stock caliper

            Upgrade to RX8 stock size rotors:

            Front: #2023 (322x25mm) w/RB calipers or stock RX8 calipers
            Rear: #2405 (300x20mm) w/RX8 stock calipers

            Full 13" brake kit (17" wheel):

            Front: #2131 (332x26mm) - To be upgraded to 330x30mm w/RB calipers

            Rear: #2559 10.6 lbs (330x12mm) - Stock caliper BBK


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              For 1990-2005

              Front Wilwood kit (280mm fits 15" wheels)


              Wilwood kit:



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                This thread discussed about piston size of BBK affect the pedal traveling distance.


                Here is an overall piston sizing summary:

                OEM Caliper:
                Front 54mm (45.8mm^2)
                Rear 36mm (20.4mm^2)
                Total: 66.2mm
                Ratio: 69%/31% (F/R)

                RB front 4pot caliper; 38x38mm (45.4mm^2) Identical to OE front floating caliper.

                So installing RB 4pot calipers should make no difference than OE set up.


                Goodwin's Dynapro-13 4 piston calipers:

                Two piston sizes fit under 13" rotors:

                #1: 1.25"=31.75mm (31.7mm^2)
                #2: 1.75"=44.45mm (62.1mm^2)
                W/OE caliper in the rear (20.4mm^2)
                #1 Total piston area: 52.1 (21% less than OE)
                Ratio: 61/39 (Front/Rear)

                #2 Total piston area: 82.5 (25% more than OE)
                Ratio: 75.3/24.7 (Front/Rear)

                Goodwin's Dynapro 6 piston calipers:

                1st 1.62" = 41mm
                2nd 1.38" = 35mm
                3rd 1.38" = 35mm
                Total front area: 64.9mm^2
                W/OE caliper in the rear (20.4mm^2)
                Total piston area: 85.3mm^2 (29% more than OE)
                Ratio: 76/24 (Front/Rear)

                Dynapro 4 pot offers too small piston which can increase the pedal effort to stop the car. While 6 pot seems have too much bias in the front which can cause nose dive when stopping.


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                    Introduction to RacingBrake

                    We are pleased to be a sponsor of this forum.

                    Our association with Miata brake started in early 2000 however at that time we only designed and made two piece rotors for customers who used our rotors in their Wilwood brake kits.

                    You may not know us because our name was hidden behind their brake kits, but we are a company highly specialized in brakes, and has been around for 30 years. Our brakes built with three US patents in brake design and if you check RX7 or RX8 communities you will find that quite a few serious track racers are tracking with RB brake kits.

                    Miata two piece rotors were our early development for popular Japanese import motorsports along with WRX/Sti, RX7/RX8, 350/G35, S2000/NSX, etc. over the years we have grown into US and European vehicles, extending to street cars and SUV, and covering most super muscle cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Hellcat, Viper, Corvette & Mustang GT500. As of today we make more two piece rotors than ALL competitions combined.

                    Please click below to learn our capability.

                    Two piece rotors:

                    Brake kits:

                    Carbon ceramic brakes:

                    Caliper rebuild:


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                      RB Discs engraved with P/N, Min Thk, Date Code, Lot ID

                      RB Hats are engraved with P/N for easy tracking on applications and replacement discs.


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                        Oblong hole is only part of a functional system to facilitate the heat stress relief, how the disc and hat is connected together should not be ignored if you want to justify your investment on a two piece rotor.

                        Here is the picture showing how the bolt is torqued down properly against the nut.

                        If this is a professional photo you will see the top 1.5 screws are shinier after being torqued through the crimped notch of nut.

                        Recommended assembly torque is 9 ft-lbs, or 108 in-lbs. Our assembly uses no glue or thread locker (such as lock-tight), nor nylon inserted lock nuts, as their performance is affected by the temperature and difficult to disassemble. See our illustration for customers purchase our replacement rotor rings for Stoptech & Brembo BBK.


                        Those so call "Floating" two piece rotors, regardless only use the name, or actually "floats" has these deficiencies:
                        • You lose torque transmission (braking) efficiency due to the slippage caused by the movement (this is even more critical for track racers).
                        • They are noisy to operate (more concerned for street driving) during those components move around, the effect and noise level can also change as the spring washer "flatten' out.
                        • These hardware wear out fast due to the movement in each every brake action.

                        Over the years, we have found RB's simple 2 each hardware system works out the best for any braking/driving conditions - Street or tracks.

                        Simple, Easy, Effective and Consistent (in torque) is the unique feature that we build into our two piece rotors.

                        We prefer our retaining system with 1-Dimension and predictable "Sliding" movement than those free 3-D "Floating" movement.


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                          Miata Brake Bias Analysis

                          Brembo Front Calipers for 2016+ is added to the table.


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                            Rear brake upgrade for ND

                            OE Replacement rotor weight:

                            OE Replacement assembly

                            Rear BBK 330x12mm (vs. OE 280x10mm)

                            Rear BBK under OE caliper w/caliper spacer


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                              BBK caliper spacers installed:

                              Front View: (RB logo and P/N faces you during install)

                              Rear View:

                              Construction details (self-locking hardware and slotting)

                              Size comparison (BBK 330mm vs. OE 280mm)