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RB Calipers for Nissan GTR OE Replacement

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  • RB Calipers for Nissan GTR OE Replacement

    Front View:

    Top view:

    Hold down springs: OE uses a spring that only holds down one side of the pads. RB uses one stainless steel hold down spring.
    RB Advantage: Our stainless steel hold down spring is more rigid and applies pressure across the pads evenly to prevent any unwanted movement.

    Center bolts: OEs two hollow M8 center bolts vs RBs solid 13mm hex head M10 bolt.

    RB Advantage: Need to work only one bolt and it allows user to torque the bolts from the front rather than from the back to make pad changes easier and get you back on the road quicker.

    Pad bolts: OEs punch type vs. RBs M8 bolt threaded bolt.

    RB Advantage: Easy for pad replacement w/o having to punch out and in (from the back). Bolts are secured by torque not by feeling and will never loosen up or create rattling noise like OE.

    Rear View:

    OE has left or right brake fluid connection vs. RBs center connection
    OE has a center support vs. RBs without

    RB Advantage: Provides more uniform flow and distribution of brake fluid regardless if its for left or right installation.
    RB Advantage: We eliminate this unnecessary support for quicker dismount and installation, and also saving the trouble in dealing with OEs fragile mounting bolts that easily break.

    Bottom View:

    OE: 36.7mm Groove width (un-machined) vs. RBs 40mm (fully machined)
    RB Advantage: Extra allowance for thicker rotors or pads, w/o causing interference due to rotor flex.

    Side View:

    RB has wider body frame than OE that provides better rigidity and strength

    Body Wall Thickness:

    OE's 10.36mm vs. RBs 13.4mm
    RB Advantage: Better strength and rigidity

    Inside View:

    OE dust boots vs RB dust seals: OE uses external dust boots vs RB's internal dust seals.

    RB Advantage: Internal dust seals do not burn up as easily or as frequently as OE dust boots resulting in less maintenance, downtime, and overall cost.

    Pistons: OE two piece vs. RB's stainless steel vented one piece

    RB Advantage: Stainless steel transfers less heat and vents allow for better air circulation and also reduces heat contact area.

    Lastly how the body comes together:

    OE: Mono Block - Usually from Casting (volume production) or cut from billet (short run) Like Alcons kit.

    RB: Non compromised Forged body, two halves are bolted together with 6 each high strength grade 12.9 alloy steel bolts.
    RB advantage: Highest possible strength and rigidity a caliper can ever get, with forged 7075-T6 aluminum alloy vs. OEs 6061 casting

    This picture shows where RB's extra 1.5 lbs weight is coming from (6 each assembly bolts and 4x pad springs+8 screws)

    These 4 corner pad springs will ensure the brake pads are held snugly inside the caliper with proper tension and provide smooth movement as the pad gets wear. OE calipers only with machine surface with loose fit and often rock inside the caliper and result in loss of braking efficiency and/or "knock back" like some mfgers claimed it's normal.

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    Nissan said they had a special spec of the Brembo CCM for the SpecV. They only sold a total of 55 cars, and they no longer sell the SpecV. However they do offer the upgrade.

    From a few years ago, the prices were fairly out there.

    Pad Kit, Disc Brake ................ JPY 2,000,000 ($20,453)
    Rotor&Pad Kit, Disc Brake .. JPY 4,700,000 ($48,064)
    Caliper Kit, Disc Brake Fr RH JPY 320,000 ($3,272)
    Caliper Kit, Disc Brake Fr LH. JPY 320,000 ($3,272)
    Caliper Kit, Disc Brake Rr RH JPY 240,000 ($2,454)
    Caliper Kit, Disc Brake Rr LH JPY 240,000 ($2,454)


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      Alcon's BBK sells for $14,200

      The Alcon GT-R Super Kit has the largest brake caliper, rotor, and pad upgrade available for the GT-R, with the front rotors having a massive 15.75 x 1.42 (400mm x 36mm) size, and the rear rotors coming in at 15.16 x 1.30 (385mm x 33mm.)


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        Alcon CCX Carbon Ceramic Super Kit Nissan GT-R R35 $35,000

        400mm front ventilated, cross-drilled CCX discs mounted to stainless steel bells
        385mm rear ventilated, cross-drilled CCX discs mounted to stainless steel bells
        New 6-piston, monobloc billet front calipers fitted with Alcon CCX-1 pads
        6-piston, monobloc billet rear calipers fitted with Alcon CCX-1 pads


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          Alcon's Brake Kits:

          Rotors Only:


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            One of the things we do differently from others in this BBK development is the selection of brake pads, for example Alcon although is 6-piton caliper but the pad is much smaller than OE and is not a standard FMSI. Stoptech maximum rotor size seems only go up to 380mm, and their rotor friction surface is also small comparing to GT-R's 65mm, may be someone can confirm the brake pad used in their kit.

            Don't get me wrong both, and other popular brands like AP, Endless etc. are all respectful brands, but RB brakes are uniquely (especially for GT-R) designed and built without compromise, by using the most up-to-date brake components and technology, as an example we use the stock brake pads for iron rotor package, but for CMM rotor package, we will use ZR1 pad.

            We want to further prove to GT-R community that every brake offer from RB, from the smaller component to the complete system has a better value in price, performance and durability comparing to others, although only a few dealer carry our products as we are relatively unknown. But I also believe most GT-R owners are more intelligent than other communities, so our efforts will be paid off.

            Every component in this system is made by us with our own tooling, metallurgy & compound, from the seal/piston inside the caliper to rotor & pad. So we can assume the total compatibility and performance, while you can evaluate the total performance on our kit comparing to what you have experienced, from stock set up to all kind of brake upgrades you have done to your GT-R.

            As Shawn indicated, if later on you want to use out the residual value of your existing parts, simply put them on to the system.* RB kit will allow you the flexibility to continue expanding for a higher level of braking power, including the use of the 20mm brake pads if necessary, or down size to 390mm or 380mm rotors.

            *except the rear BBK rotor hat which we have to change the offset in order to adapt our 4-piston caliper to the OE upright.


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              7racer, on 17 Mar 2014 - 11:22 AM, said:

              I would prefer calipers only if possible
              I hope my explanation above help you understand why we want sell only the kits. In your case after you spent more money "buying just the calipers" and if the performance still not the way you like, how would you pin point and turn to; CMM rotor supplier?, pad supplier or us, and how can you assure next fix will do it.

              This is the flexibility our RB kits is all about. Upon purchase our complete kit, you can run our kit, set your own bench mark and replace, rotors/pads to your liking, compare the performance difference with different set up.

              We will offer two size of calipers (like OE) so two BBK will be offered:

              1. 400mm BBK for 08-11 brakes (allow you to down size to 390mm or stock 380mm). These models use 10mm spacer.

              2. 400mm BBK for 2012+ brakes (allow you to down size to stock 390mm rotor). These models use 5mm spacer.


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                We will be offering three kits:

                1. 380x34mm for 09-11 @$5270

                2. 390x34mm for 2012+ @$5700

                3. 400x34mm for 2009+ @$6325
                • RB Two-piece open slot center-mount rotors (Interchangeable with stock rotors)
                • 6-Piston aluminum (forged 7075-T6) calipers (Direct bolt-on)
                • RB Street performance (ET series) brake pads (Same shape as stock pads)
                • Stainless steel brake lines
                • M12x1.5 alloy steel mounting bolts

                The calipers allows customer to use a thicker (36mm) rotor, or a thicker pad (19.5mm) w/34mm rotor for endurance race, which we can make both available.

                We are now accepting orders with 6-8 week leadtime.


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                  Hard Anodizing Finish:

                  Red Powder Coating Finish:


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                      WGP Apex CCM Brake Kit

                      Here are the specs on our kit, which we've called the "WGP Apex CCM Brake Kit"

                      4 Corvette ZR-1 CCM Brake Rotors 394mm Front, 380mm Rear
                      Endless Front and Rear Brake Pads MA45B (W007) for track use, W008 for street use, optional Pagid RSX1 or RS29 pads
                      Endless Brake Fluid
                      Custom CNC Machined Front and Rear Rotor Hats (retains use of rear parking brake)
                      Custom CNC Machined 5mm Caliper Relocation Brackets (For 09-11 CBA)
                      Stainless Steel Brake Lines
                      Machined Calipers Core Exchange Available
                      Modified Rear Caliper Backing Plates Core Exchange Available

                      Optional (but RECOMMENDED FOR CIRCUIT USE) - Revosport Active Cooling Carbon Fiber Front Lip w/ Rotor Backing Plates and Ductwork

                      Total Price for the kit : USD $10,750 w/o the Revosport Lip.

                      With RevoSport Lip : $12,995.


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                        Here are pictures of the modifications to the rear backing plates and to the calipers



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                          GM Genuine ZR1 Corvette C6 05-13

                          $5,799 Complete ZR1 Brake upgrade for C6 (05-13)


                          Replace your worn 05-13 C6 Corvette Brake rotors and take the step toward world class brake performance with an upgrade to state of the art C6 ZR1 Brake engineering and performance.

                          When GM re-released the ZR1, it did so with a slew of performance and safety upgrades that assured the C6 ZR1's place as the top performer in Corvette's fabled history to that date. The new ZR1 employed massive monoblock six piston front and four piston rear calipers for unsurpassed clamping force. Sourced directly from GM, our C6 Corvette OE ZR1 Brake ceramic rotors are a perfect replacement for worn or damaged originals.

                          Kit Includes:

                          Front and Rear Rotors


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                            CCM Rotor advantage:

                            No fading
                            - Wet effectiveness
                            - No thermal deflection
                            - Consistent pedal travel
                            - No corrosion
                            - Increased rotor life
                            - No thermal cracks
                            - Reduction of mass


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                              Caliper Installation

                              RB calipers fit into uprights just like OE calipers except RB caliper installation is more straight forward and less confusing.

                              Installing OE calipers involves dealing with two different mounting bolt sizes (11 & 12mm) and two different caliper mounting holes (12.2 & 13.4mm). When installing RB calipers you will be able to securely torque down calipers without having to "hold down the brake pedal for alignment" as instructed by Nissan.

                              RB calipers will provide an installation procedure that is commonly known to us in addition to easy access for maintenance and pad replacement.