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Honda S2000 Brake Upgrade

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    Hey, I was browsing your website and found product code HON-IRP-01.

    I'm curious to hear a bit more about this kit. It looks like it uses a OEM sized brake rotor with your four piston calipers up front and your +1 kit in the rear. Does this mean you could potentially use these front calipers with stock rotors?

    How does this kit affect overall brake bias, given that the rear rotor size is increased without increasing the front? I assume this has something to do with caliper piston sizes for the front.

    Also, with this change in brake bias, is there a certain tire stagger that is recommended?

    There is a lot of good technical information on some of your other brake kits (for other cars), but I haven't been able to find any for this kit. Any information you can provide will help.



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      Yes the rotor is same as OE in size and offset, but they are RB's two piece rotors.

      We have sold quite a few of this combo kit to S2000 owners (for street and track), and the rotor size change was compensated by the front RB 4pot calipers.

      Lots' of tech info for the kit. if anything specific not covered let us know and we can answer it.

      You may also post your question on S2K forum and ask other members who have installed these kit and hear what they say.