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OE Caliper BBK for Lexus IS300 using Supra turbo rotor

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  • OE Caliper BBK for Lexus IS300 using Supra turbo rotor

    Hello! I was wondering if there will be an OE Caliper Brake Kit available for the Lexus is300 models. Currently the Supra turbo rotors, that are larger in size, can be fitted to the hub and can be used for this kit. OE Caliper Kit brackets should be the only item needed to complete the setup.

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    Yes this would be something we like to develop, however we noticed the Supra Turbo model uses PD629 brake pads (rotor 323mm x 30mm), while IS300 uses the same pads PD619 which is the same as Non-turbo model (rotor 296x32), so we think the calipers are different too, if indeed the calipers are different then you (customer) would also have to source the calipers (turbo model) to complete the kit.


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      In regards to using the supra turbo calipers, this wont be a problem at all.
      There are currently retrofit parts available for this conversion (IE Supra calipers to IS300 hub/housing). And supra turbo calipers are not difficult to obtain. But my interest lies in re-using the stock is300 caliper over a larger diameter rotor.

      I have failed to notice the difference in sizes from both rotors; 323mm x 30mm on the turbo models & 296mm x 32mm regular models, my apoligies.

      Another note for using the original is300 calipers are the overall sizes, using the supra turbo calipers will hamper the use of some rim packages, forcing users to apply wheel spacers etc...


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        We are glad that your requirement is better clarified and defined. For us to tool up and make a new caliper bracket, it makes no difference whether it?s for turbo or non-turbo model.

        However making the longer brackets for non-turbo caliper (same as yours IS300) will have the following advantage:

        1. No need to acquire turbo calipers - Save money and hassle.
        2. Easy installation ? No brake line work, just slide the calipers into the new brackets.
        3. Retaining the OE integrity ? Keep the original caliper and pad (can even re-use the existing pads) which makes future maintenance very straight forward.

        We like to know if most owners have 17? wheel and if you prefer to have two piece rotors or one piece rotors and how this set up would interest other owners ? please post this inquiry in your forum and invite them to show their interest here. We need more response to evaluate whether this is a project we shall proceed.

        Our OE caliper BBK is designed from ground up that delivers significant improvement on braking performance yet at an affordable price.


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          A large number of us do use the 17"-to-19" wheel packages (i'm currently on aftermarket 17"). And 18" being the norm for the is300 community.

          Also, thanks again for your support!


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            Very interested in OE caliper BBK...I think the IS300 community is a perfect choice to expand your excellent products. The aftermarket interest is strong. I've posted on one of our forums to hopefully get enough interest to bring a OE caliper BBk from RacingBrake to market...



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              hey been keeping posted by fig and mig on isfanatics about this and sounds like its possable but need to make some posts on intrest in here....... so just thought id say i would love to have a kit like this for my is..... alot of people have mentioned the supra turbo brake upgrade is a nice upgrade but exstremely heavy so everyone ends up switching away from it after not that long. this would retain our lighter oem calipers and have added stopping over the already decent stoping of the is300 now. for few hundred bucks we can get great stoping power and bring many to the is300 community knowing they can do alot of reasonable priced upgrades


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                In response to your interest and support, we have done more evaluation and would offer the following:

                1. Front ? Upgrade to a larger rotor of 323x30 (from original 296x32) which is the same rotor as Supra turbo (93-98) shown here:

                In addition to larger in size, Our rotors for Supra are made with a directional curve vane that only available from Racingbrake for improved cooling capacity (OE and all other competitions are straight vane)

                2. Rear ? Upgrade to a ventilated rotor of 307x16 (from original 307x12 of solid rotor) which is the same rotor as this one here:

                RacingBrake OE caliper BBK is known for:
                ? Easy Installation ? Simple bolt on and no brake line work.
                ? Requires no expensive large wheel and or wheel spacer to buy.
                ? Maintain OE system integrity - Use the same caliper and brake pad for easy maintenance and lower cost on parts replacement.
                ? Performance Improvement with our money back guarantee.
                ? Very Affordable in pricing ? The whole (front and rear) system should cost under $1,000 (less than half of those expensive front only aluminum caliper kit)

                This IS300 brake solution is a typical example of how we develop our brake kits - from ground up, retain OE system and ensure a balanced front and rear brake.

                We may offer pre-orders with introductory discounts approximately 4-6 weeks before the kits are ready (around 5/1/08). Please continue post your comments, and keep your community forum members informed of the progress.



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                  Thanks RB^^ This new product looks fantastic!
                  I will inform the IS300 community of this new RB OE Package.


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                    thanks very exsited about this upgrade shoot me email when preorders are happening thanks again from all of the IS community.


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                      Great let me know as well....very interested!


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                        Will there be 2pc sets in the near future also?


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                          We have acquired the rear OE caliper and noticed the bracket is integrated with the caliper so modifying the bracket to fit thicker (vented) rotors is not possible.

                          The only alternative is to replace the rear caliper to GS300/400/430 (98-05) which use the thicker vented rotors.

                          Once the caliper compatibility is resolved we can look into two piece set up.


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                            Any news on the availabilty of the front setup? Thanks in advance!


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                              We expect to receive proto type sample for fitment test and approval next week.

                              The project is a little delayed and the pre-orders will be offered after sample approval.