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Gauging Interest in NEW 993 CCM BBK for 18" wheels

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  • Gauging Interest in NEW 993 CCM BBK for 18" wheels

    *** rough and incomplete draft***

    Poll options:
    1- You are interested and would like to be added to the waitlist.
    2- You are interested but need to know more. Pricing is where you expect it to be. (Please post with questions)
    3- You would be interested but have 17" wheels or don't want to install new hardware.
    4- You are happy with your current brake system and don't mind the feel, performance, or dust.
    5- You do not use your brakes. These would only be hidden away in your garage.

    CCM technology is great for the track yet it’s benefits for the street are commonly overlooked. These benefits make a big impact on classic less powerful and less developed vehicles when compared to modern performance vehicles. As classic vehicles become more valuable, the desire to preserve them while also improving their usability is a common desire. For a long time, CCM technology was reserved for the latest and greatest supercars, but now it has become available for classic vehicles as well. Of course, the product is easier to implement on some vehicles than others but the 993 (and 964) platform lends well to this newly offered custom engineered bolt-on CCM solution.

    As you may be aware, Racing Brake offers a high-performance kit for the 993 utilizing common CCM rotors found on modern cars such as the C6 Corvette ZR1. However, the typical 18” wheels found on these cars do not fit with this brake kit. So, new wheels and tires are required along with a new appearance.
    That’s where this new product comes into play. This new kit will fit under most of the common 18” wheels (forged or 3 piece) found on our cars. And is specifically designed to complement the factory braking system. (See below for more details)
    We are looking to gauge the market for this product and receive feedback. If it is well received and there is enough interest, we will go into production.
    Please participate in the poll and leave a comment if you have any questions.
    The primary goal of the system is to:
    1. improve performance to meet the modern conditions on and off track
    2. reduce brake dust without sacrificing noise or wheel choice. This option doesn’t require new wheels for most owners running 18". (A fitment check is always a good idea but these have been checked for compatibility with number of known combinations listed below)
    This kit includes:
    • 2 RB 6-Piston front caliper (6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy)
    • 2 RB 4-Piston rear caliper (6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy)
    • 2 Front RB CCB rotors 350x34
    • 2 Rear RB CCB rotors 350x28
    • custom floating brake hats
    • custom caliper mounts
    • 1 car set brake pads for CCM rotors
    • 1 car set SS brake lines

    - Fully bolt-on
    - Fits under 18" 3 piece wheels (like Speedline CUP/993RS/GT2, Tramont Cup II, and BBS E88), factory 18" turbo twist wheels, etc.
    - Engineered to play nice with factory brake bias, master cylinders, and ABS (may require a M/C swap with another factory 993 unit if you don't have the 25.4mm M/C)
    - Reduces unsprung weight (quicker suspension response)
    - Reduces rotating mass (less inertia to accelerate of decelerate)
    - Reduces braking distances (TBD by how much)
    - Reduces brake dust
    - Increases brake life
    - Increases acceleration
    - Increases thermal capacity (read: better on-track performance and more resistance to brake fade)

    -fully reversible
    - Replacement rotor rings available

    Costs for the system would be in-line with other kits on the market. Pricing would probably be around $15,000-$17,000

    Technical info:

    350mmx34mm Front
    *Effective rotor diameter = 285mm
    410mm diameter to the outermost caliper point
    350mm x 28mm Rear with OEM parking brake compatibility.
    Effective rotor diameter = 297mm
    400 mm diameter to the outermost caliper point
    Calipers- Front 32/34/36mm pistons ; Rear 32/34mm pistons
    Coefficient of Friction = .45
    F/R hydraulic bias = 1.594
    Pedal ratio with 25.4mm master cylinder (recommended and stock for 993GT, TT, RS, C4S, C4 and 964RS) = 35.067
    Pedal ratio with 23.81 mm master cylinder = 39.94
    Brake TQ @ 70bar without PV = 2914 nm Front, 1798 nm rear (1.530 net bias)
    Brake TQ @ 70 bar with 55bar PV = 2914 nm Front, 737 nm rear (3.326 net bias)
    *removing the PV isn’t required but can be beneficial for track use*

    Of note, these rotors are the same size as the 996 PCCB option but using modern tech/construction methods. The 350mm CCM rotor size is also becoming more and more common and a selection of CCM type pads and OEM or replacement rotors are on the market.

    Replacement brake pads:

    Front: PD1666-360
    Rear: PD968-360
    Wheel fitment template:
    Front: 2R30-K
    Rear: 2R31-K

    Wheel Compatibility

    ****so far***
    993 Turbo Twists

    Tramont Cup II 993 WB fitment 18"
    BBS E88 18" for NB or WB fitment

    Reference for other brake systems:
    System Name Rotors Piston Area MC Hyd Bias TQ Bias TQ w/PV Bias Leg
    993 18" CCM
    Front 350x34 5460.08803 25.4 1.594495 2450.89702 1.530071 2450.897 3.326242 35.067
    Rear 350x28 3424.33599 1601.81877 736.8366
    Front 322x32 5076.81373 25.4 1.472 2075.75683 1.425637 2075.757 3.099211 33.654
    Rear 322x28 3449.46873 1456.02075 669.7695
    Front 322x32 5076.81373 25.4 2.061 2075.75683 1.996619 2075.757 4.340476 33.896
    Rear 322x28 2463.00864 1039.63595 478.2325
    Front 322x32 5076.81373 25.4 1.571984 2142.92307 1.712568 2142.923 3.722975 32.78567
    Rear 299x24 3229.55725 1251.29196 575.5943
    Brembo GT 18" 6/4
    Front 355x32 4680.97305 25.4 1.769596 2219.1323 1.830407 2219.132 3.979146 28.91686
    Rear 345x28 2645.22101 1212.37092 557.6906
    997.2 GT3RS
    380x34 4253.71645 26.99 1.17128 2115.73476 1.266748 2115.735 2.753799 27.565
    350x28 3631.68111 1670.21014 768.2967
    996 GT3RS PCCB
    350x34 5108.22965 25.4 1.676289 2284.91112 1.635966 2284.911 3.556447 32.19046
    350x28 3047.34487 1396.67434 642.4702
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