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Brake Development for Supra 2020+ Mark V

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    Brake Venders and Competitions:

    BREMBO front Big Brake Kit, GT series for SUPRA A90

    $4,595 - $8,995

    Titan Motorsports Brake Offer

    Endless Mono Rally brake kit for the A90 Supra



    Mono 6 Rally Front with 400x36mm 2-Piece CMC rotors
    Rear Inch Up Kit with 355x24mm 2-Piece CMC rotors [Compatible with the Electronic Parking Brake]

    The kit can be run on the street, but it's definitely the most extreme kit that Endless currently has available.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	endless-ccb-kit.png Views:	0 Size:	108.1 KB ID:	11681​​

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      Endless Racing MONO6 Inch-Up Brake Kit - 2020+ Toyota Supra (A90)

      Front: 370x34
      Rear: 355x24

      $11,250.00 USD

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Supra-374_355.png Views:	0 Size:	124.0 KB ID:	11713

      Vehicle Applications: 2020+ Toyota Supra GR (A90)

      This is the finest full brake upgrade kit on the market for the fastest and most demanding cars on the planet. Used in the most grueling environments in racing today this kit continues to produce amazing world class results.

      The complete Inch-Up kit option comes with a set of Racing MONO6 front calipers, rear inch up kit (reuses OEM calipers due to electric parking brake), 4 x brake lines, front pads, and mount brackets w/hardware.

      Front and rear brake kit can be purchases individually if need be - see menu options.

      Racing MONO6 Front Caliper

      The Racing MONO6 is the flagship caliper for the ENDLESS range. Four years of development and extreme testing has resulted in this caliper meeting the rigidity and lightweight standards of ENDLESS. The body is made with only the strongest aluminum material, forged with several thousand tonnes of pressure. This creates the highest performance achievable using the best technology and materials. The MONO6 has 25mm thick pads and will take up to a 36mm thickness rotor, making it suitable for all types of racing including endurance. The processing of the highly difficult piston cylinder was cleared using advanced special technology. The finished body was completed using an ultra-hard anodized aluminum. It is the final product of the technology created by ENDLESS and its "never-ending challenge" as it continues to focus on quality forging.
      Caliper Specs
      • 6-pot/piston MONOBLOC anodized racing calipers x 2
      • Weight: 2,930 grams
      • Size: D: 177mmxH:76mmxW:295mm
      • Piston size: 27x2mm, 32x2mm, 38x2mm
      • Pad thickness: 25mm
      • Pad shape: RCP121
      • Brake pads: ME20
      Inquire within if you wish to have a different brake pad compound based on your driving preference.Rear Inch-Up Kit

      The ENDLESS Inch up kit is exclusive for electric parking brake. The electric parking brake has become mainstream for rear calipers these days and could not be replaced with an ENDLESS caliper body due to its structure. Therefore, ENDLESS has developed an "inch up kit" that combines a large diameter rotor and a dedicated support bracket using the genuine factory rear caliper equipped with the electric parking brake as it is. The new outer housing with the ENDLESS logo not only strengthens the support bracket, but also makes it stand out inside the wheel by covering the genuine factory caliper.
      The caliper covers are color matched to the front calipers. Endless E-Slit 2-Piece Brake Rotors

      Used in actual races including the Super GT which is in the top categories of the nation, the racing spec brake rotor created through repeated research and development is “BRAKE ROTR Racing”. Adopting a 2 piece type which differentiates the rotor and bell housing, we combine special carbon for the rotor material with our unique technology. As a result, it is crack resistant, enabling a stable friction coefficient and succeeding in sufficiently extracting the brake pad performance. We also used duralumin, which is heat resistant and strong, for the bell housing part. It realizes a reduced unsprung weight while also contributing to stable brake force.
      The ENDLESS 2-piece disc rotor construction is designed to reduce weight, provide high rigidity and cooling via the 84 multi vanes and E-Slit groove patterns so we can enjoy the good pedal feel too.
      • Front: 2-piece 370x34mm, E-Slit, Tuffram coated
      • Rear: 2-piece 355x24mm, E-Slit, Tuffram coated


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        AP Racing Brake Kits for the Toyota GR Supra!

        Front: 372/380x36
        Rear: 360x30 (Eliminates Parking Brake)
        • Saves roughly 45 unsprung lbs. vs. OEM brakes!
        • Both front kits and the rear kit clear the OEM Supra wheels without a wheel spacer
        • Will fit behind many aftermarket 18" track wheels
        • Patented AP Racing Radi-CAL caliper design for unrivaled stiffness and pedal feel
        • Increase in disc size from 348mm to 372mm front, and 345mm to 365mm rear
        • Every component designed to resist the heat of extended track sessions
        • Pistons sized properly to maintain proper brake bias and work with the OEM master cylinder and ABS system
        • Front kits designed to work with either OEM rear brakes or our rear BBK
        • Durable anodized finish to resist track abuse
        • Carefully chosen piston sizes for proper brake bias and integration with OEM master cylinder & ABS systems
        • Front kit designed to mate with stock rear brake components
        • Weighs the same as the OEM front Supra brake system, despite being considerably larger
        • Patented AP Racing Radi-CAL caliper design for unrivaled stiffness and pedal feel
        • Larger than stock discs, calipers, and pads to improve system thermal capacity and fade resistance, while increasing longevity
        • Directional, 72 vane, 380x36mm brake discs with floating aluminum hats
        • Lightweight, anodized aluminum disc hats and caliper mounting brackets
        • Optimized to allow for a wide range of wheel fitment
        • Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads and Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines included with every kit
        • All associated mounting bolts, hardware, and detailed installation instructions
        • Available in your choice of beautiful red, black, or silver painted finish
        Click image for larger version  Name:	ap-compare.png Views:	27 Size:	16.3 KB ID:	11684


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          REAR KIT:
          Rear CP9450/365mm AP Racing by Essex Competition Brake Kit, $4099.00

          Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit (Rear CP9450/365mm)- Toyota GR Supra

          Complete rear Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit for the Toyota GR Supra:
          • Eliminates parking brake
          • Saves 22 unsprung lbs. from the rear of car vs. OEM brakes!
          • Fits behind OEM wheels without a spacer
          • Features AP Racing CP9450 Radi-CAL four piston calipers
          • 365x30mm, 72 vane AP Racing disc
          • Every component designed to resist the heat of extended track sessions
          • Pistons sized properly to allow for seamless integration with OEM master cylinder and ABS system
          • Designed to work with our front Essex/AP Racing Competition BBKs

          Complete car kit:
          $8,499 - $8,999


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            Here are the brake upgrade option in the work:
            • Brake pads replacement for OE caliper: Front & rear, street & track
            • 2 pc iron rotors for stock replacement (P/N 2653 & 2654)
            • 2 pc CCM rotors for stock upgrade (P/N 2R21/2R24)
            • Big brake kit; Front w/RB 6 pot caliper (390mm), Rear BBK w/OE caliper (P/N 2657 & 2656)


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              Front BBK (380x34mm)
              Rotor wt: 24.7 lbs vs. OE 28.8 lbs (348x36mm)

              Click image for larger version

Name:	2657-front-bbk.png
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                Front pad:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	pd1867-supra-front.png
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                Rear pad:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	pd2221-supra-rear.png
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                  Click image for larger version

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                  Upgraded my M sport brakes to M Performance brake

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	attachment.php?attachmentid=2372490&stc=1&d=1595659227.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

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                    Looks good - but to clear up any confusion...

                    All G2x cars that come with the M Sport braking system come with the 4 pot blue Brembo as shown in the OP's comparison photo - this is the smallest of all the G series 4 pot calipers and uses 348mm discs. They will also have the 345mm rear calipers.

                    The only exception to the rule, as has been mentioned, is the M340i - which if optioned with the track handling pack - gets upgraded to the bigger blue 4 pots which use a 374mm disc. Again, the rears are 345mm and are not upgraded vs the other G2x cars with M Sport brakes. M340i cars that didn't have the track pack selected get the 348mm fronts as default.

                    Therefore, if you are a M340i owner with the track package and then fit the M Performance brakes to your car, you are literally removing the identical braking system that you would be replacing it with - the only difference being red paint and dimpled / slotted discs.

                    If you are a regular G2x owner and opt to fit these to a car that already has the 348mm front and 345mm rear - then you are upgrading the front only, as the rears remain the same size.

                    The cheaper option is to source blue or even better the grey 374mm brake calipers on ebay etc and then buy the 4 x M Perf discs - then custom paint the 4 calipers!


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                      Red M performance brakes

                      There are no mechanical differences between the red 374mm M Perf calipers and the blue 374mm calipers.

                      Just like there are no mechanical differences between the red G30 / G11 M Perf calipers and the blue 395mm calipers.

                      The pad part number is also the same (34106888459)

                      If you are a G20 owner who only has blue 348mm front brakes then you will benefit from the M Perf upgrade, but only on front. Your rear would already be 345mm and remain 345mm, except your calipers would now be red.

                      If you are a G20 owner who has 374mm blue brakes currently - then this upgrade simply changes your caliper colour and adds dimpled / slotted discs. You do not increase the size of your brakes at all.

                      If you are a G20 owner who does not have the M Sport brake option, then you will benefit fully from the upgrade!

                      In comparison, I have sold lots of grey (unpainted) 374mm caliper sets, with discs to people and once painted they have a much cheaper brake upgrade.

                      The same with the 395mm calipers, although not offered by BMW
                      - they bolt up perfectly to the G20 hub, along with the 395mm brake discs.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	attachment.php?attachmentid=2205773&stc=1&d=1577374016.jpg
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                        2020 Toyota Supra vs. 2019 BMW Z4 Comparison

                        with the BMW Z4 now in its sixth generation joined by the reborn (after 20 years) Toyota Supra. These cars are quite similar, having been designed with nearly identical underpinnings, but beyond that, there are a few key differences between the 2019 BMW Z4 and the 2020 Toyota Supra. First and foremost, the Supra is only offered as a hardtop coupe, and the BMW Z4 is only offered as a soft-top convertible. While the Supra comes with an inline 6-cylinder engine, the base in the Z4 is only a 4-cylinder. However, there is an M version of the Z4 with a powerful turbocharged 6-cylinder coming as a 2020, but it’s quite a bit more expensive. They both start just under $50,000 and are both enormously fun to drive, with torquey turbocharged engines and low-slung bodies that are fun to sling through corners. Being sports cars, they are both low on trunk space, however, and come with only two seats.