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Tesla Model 3 Brake Upgrade

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  • Tesla Model 3 Brake Upgrade

    OE Standard (Non Perf. Brake) Set Up:



    Fitting Model S calipers (FRONT)

    We can confirm Model S caliper & rotor (355mm) kit can fit Model 3 stock 18" wheels with a very comfortable clearance, which coincides to our brake kit design practice in relation to rotor & wheel sizes.

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    Model 3 Perfromance Brake

    Front Brake:

    Rear Brake:


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      355mm Rotor Kit fits under 18" wheel w/Aero Wheel Cover



      Radial clearance is confirmed to have 9.0mm


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        Tesla Model 3 Rear Brake Pad

        Rear pad in 3D:


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          Please help me decide (Option combo):
          1. 2pc rotor kit (320/335mm) & pads: $1,900 (Base - Stock calipers)
          2. 2pc rotor kit (355/335mm) & pads: $2,100 (Perf. Brake - Stock calipers)
          3. Front big rotor kit (370/335mm) & pads: $2,400 (Base - Stock calipers+front spacer)
          4. Truck/Heavy duty caliper kit (355/365mm): $4,000 (Base & Perf. - Model S calipers/4 ea estd $1,500)

          1. Prices are estimate, final cost may vary depending on the choice of components
          2. All kits come with RB center mount design light weight 2pc rotors


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              Front 2pc rotor (Base Model):

              Rear 2pc rotor (Base Model):


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                Performance brake FRONT two piece rotors:



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                  Rear Pad Comparison

                  Rear Pad Comparison (Performance 3 on left vs. Base Model on Right)


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                    Performance Front Rotor

                    From Jason H:
                    Hello, I see that you now sell two-piece rotors for the Tesla performance model 3 with the performance package (OEM red brembos). I was wondering if your rotor hats are thicker than OEM and eliminate the undesirable 4mm hub lip?
                    RB Response:

                    Thank you for asking. Our rotor hats are made of forged aluminum alloy and heat treated (6061-T6) and is 7mm in thickness. Lighter yet strong. I believe Tesla M3 performance rotors are made with composite material i.e. iron disc and casted to steel plate hat, so it requires to add a lip to engage with the hub register, if my understanding to your question is correct.

                    We have also updated our two piece rotor with detail dwg of the design showing here:


                    Let me know if I can help to answer more of your question. Thanks

                    Thanks for the quick reply. The lip that I’m referring to is discussed in this thread:

                    The OEM rotor hats appear to be too thin and the lip of the hub sticks out past the rotor hat. This limits the wheels that can be used on the car.

                    MPP is now starting to sell a two-piece rotor upgrade that has a thicker hat to eliminate this issue:


                    They claim:
                    “NOTE: The P3D is known to have an extremely thin rotor hat. Our rotor is approximately 4mm thicker than the OEM rotor, so this will move your wheel outwards by 4mm. Using this rotor also removes the issue of the hub “step” that is often an issue for aftermarket wheel fitment!”

                    This is a great feature, but the issue with the MPP rotors is that the hats are anodized blue and don’t blend in well with the red calipers.

                    Uh oh... Problem with aftermarket wheels for Performance with Brake Upgrade
                    It looks like those of us who want aftermarket wheels for our Performance with Performance Upgrades are going to either need specially-machined wheels,...

                    RB Response:
                    We expect that as if the hat is made of steel it will be a thin plate (to save the overall weight over a fully casted iron), so it requires a radius sleeve to engage with the hub. But I think wheel companies can cut a recess to clear that lip. Based on my knowledge with Ford Tarus's having the same type of construction (by-metal), this is a poor and un-safe design especially for people live in cold weather area where the road/street are salted in winter, over the time the steel plate will corrode and separate from the discs.

                    It happened in Tarus and will also happen to Tesla. It seems this vender makes all kind of claim but seems pre-order only, while our stock replacement rotors are shipping




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                      Performance front pad (Top) comparing to D1001 (Bottom for EVO, STi, CamaroSS):

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Perf vs PD1001.JPG Views:	3 Size:	176.3 KB ID:	6594

                      Looks like only a few mm lower in lining edge offset.


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                        See our complete brake option for Tesla:

                        Model 3:

                        Model S/X:


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                          Rear two piece rotor for Performance model:
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Rear two piece rotor.JPG
Views:	283
Size:	82.7 KB
ID:	6610


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                            Front OE caliper BBK (360x26)
                            RB OE Caliper BBK Upgrade to 360x26 (vs. OE 320x25) for Tesla M3 (Base model) Front
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Front%20BBK%20(Rotor%20Wt=16.7%20lbs).png Views:	0 Size:	27.5 KB ID:	9743

                            Feature comparison:
                            Brand Mountain Pass RB
                            Rotor Size(mm) 365x2x53 360*x26x61
                            Rotor Design Surface Mount Center Mount
                            Wt/ea (lbs) 17.6 16.7
                            Wt. Saving/rotor 3.41 4.27
                            Pad (Depth-mm) M3 Stock (52) M3P# (60)
                            Price $1,380 $1,450
                            Include Pad? No Yes
                            Pad/Rotor Compatible? ?? Yes=M3P#
                            Matching Rear BBK N/A #2604-K (360x21)
                            Manufacturer N/A RacingBrake