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BMW 135i Brake Upgrade

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    Originally posted by DavidV View Post
    Yes, thank you.
    I received the set yesterday.
    There was a omplete new set of seals for both calipers, and a full set of new stainless steel cups.
    I was also fully credited for the seal set I bought earlier.
    Thank you for the good service.
    I will have these items installed tomorrow.

    The measurement of these cups seems almost identical to the cups I installed earlier
    Can you elaborate on what the Racing Brake technitians think was the cause of the malfunction?

    Old cup measurement:

    New cup measurement:

    There also was a smal bag of Permatex Ultra Disk Brake Lubricant in the package.
    Forgot to implement that in the pic.
    I faced exactly the same problem as you did. I found that "almost identical measurement" is the problem. My measurements for example on the fronts show stock piston diamter 27,92 mm and RB piston is 28.00 mm exactly, for that part it is huge difference. That is the problem. In my opinion if RB will provide pistons in the same spec as stock or at least 27,95 mm and polished, that will eliminate the issue.
    Stock pistons dont have any wear at all, at the same time RB pistons have significant wear.