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Need help with pad choice

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  • Need help with pad choice

    Tried posting a thread about deposit issues I've been having with the 2-piece rotors and OE pads, but it hasn't been approved. Hoping it will be at some point.

    In the meantime, I'm feeling out a few non-OE pad choices to go along with the RB 2-piece rotors. Car is a 2011 RX-8.

    Options I'm looking at thus far:

    - Porterfield R4-S (heard initial bite is weak..?)
    - Porterfield R4-1
    - Axxis Ultimate
    - Hawk HPS 5.0
    - Hawk Street/Race (seems better than the HPS 5.0..?)
    - RacingBrake ET500
    - RacingBrake ET800
    - StopTech Sport (a.k.a. 309)

    What I'm looking for (in no particular order):

    1. Solid initial bite
    2. Good cold performance (including winter)
    3. High max operating temp
    4. Compatibility with RB 2-piece rotors

    No track use, but apparently I can wear out a set of OE front pads in about 20k miles, if that gives an idea of my usage. Noise isn't a concern, as long as it's not super high-pitched and ear-splitting. Dust can be dealt with if the pad is good otherwise. A high performance envelope would be a bonus, but the OE pads never disappointed me in that respect, so I'm fine as long as it's at least on that level.

    I'd love it if the StopTech Sport would work, as it's the least expensive option. Cost-no-object, I'd probably lean toward the Porterfield R4-1 or Hawk Street/Race.

    Any thoughts? Comparisons among any of those?

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    ET500 has been very popular in some of the motorsports communities such as EVO, Mercedes, Jeep.