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Carbon Ceramic Disc Refurbishing

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  • Carbon Ceramic Disc Refurbishing

    One of the advantages on CCM rotors, aside from being better in thermal characteristics, is that the disc is refurbish-able and the cost is lower than a comparable iron disc.

    We recently helped a GT-R customer have his car set of ST CCM discs refurbished.

    Turn around time is about 4-5 weeks.

    09/29/15 Discs shipped to ST
    10/05/15 Received by ST
    10/28/15 Refurbishing complete, return to RB
    11/02/15 Received by RB
    • 1 week to ST in UK
    • 2-3 weeks for order processing
    • 1 week to our facility in CA

    The refurbishing cost is $450/rotor less shipping charge, which is about $96/rotor for a round trip or a total of $546/rotor.

    For customers who purchase CCM rotors from us, we will waive handling and service charge for inspection, cleaning rotor hats, dis-assembly before we send to ST and re-assembly after returned from ST. Damaged hardware will also get replaced all these are performed at no extra charge.

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    CCM rotors before refurbishing - Typical rotor surface condition:

    Rotor edge (left) showing some de-lamination:

    Mounting hole damaged from over-torquing in original assembly:

    Front rotor:

    Rear rotor (w/iron hat for e-brake)


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      CCM Rotor after re-furbishing:

      Assembled with original hardware:

      Damaged mounting hole replaced with RB new hardware:

      Original AP hardware and "coned" flat washer:

      RB specially tooled hardware with wide and never "coned" flange bolt with Allen hex for easy assembly, low profile self-locking hex nut to provide positive and consistent torque at any temperature. Hardware are heat treated and dacrotized for corrosion resistant.


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        CCM rotor refurbishment is a combination of both mechanical and chemical processes.

        This processes involves removing the damaged (typically oxidised) surface and rebuild with a protective new surface layer.

        There is a limit to the number of times any disc can be refurbished, which is dictated by the minimum thickness at the end of the process. The worse/deeper the damage to the disc, and hence the deeper the repair, then this will adversely affect the number of times the discs may be refurbished.
        A refurbished disc will have the same ‘life expectancy’ and performance as the original disc.

        All discs are checked on receipt to confirm if they are suitable for refurbishment.

        Rotor hats are checked for conformance and replaced if necessary before assembly. Quality is assured before they are returned to customer.