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Rotor failure from a CTS-V customer

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  • Rotor failure from a CTS-V customer

    Some forum customers expressing the concern of the "catastrophic" failure posted on internet.


    This is the kit this customer should have purchased.

    These rotors are specially made to 6-lug w/modified offset for V1 spindle hub, so you (as a V1 owner) can upgrade to V2 larger rotor (370x34) and 6 pot calipers w/o having to replace the hub.

    If you own RB V1 two piece rotor, you should not attempt to re-use the existing V1 hat to retrofit to V2 rotor ring, (rotor ring may fit the old hat but the assembly would not fit V2 6 caliper as it has different offset than 4 pot). This retrofit can lead to catastrophic brake failure like the one you might have read on internet forum posting.

    It's the installer's responsibility, and also for your safety; you should always check the offset, clearance etc. '"After Install' to make sure the installation is proper w/o any interference, and test drive the car before bringing it to the track.

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    In response to a thread in Bimmerpost.

    Read the whole story here:

    This is one of the reasons why we are moving away from those retrofit/customs kit which can cause mis-application w/o our knowledge. Also the two piece rotors can only be made to OE caliper/pad constraint which we often found are sometimes inadequate e.g. 360x30mm for E90 M3 vs. 32mm thickness that are normally used.

    Our two piece rotor quality can be best exemplified from Corvette Z06 (355x32) and EVO 8/9/10 (350x32) which are two most track intensive motorsports cars among our two piece rotor program, which we have been shipping them for more than 10 years since early 2000, but yet to see one single claim.

    Each year we ship thousands of two piece rotors for street and tracks, from Acura NSX to VW R32 plus everything in between including the most demanded brakes for GT-R where you can search GT-R forums about us.

    We can safely claim that we make more two piece rotors than ALL the competition combined, so in essence we are exposed to more risk than others. When an incident like this happens, regardless whose at fault, we always try to resolve it with fairness. Unfortunately it does not always work out, thus this kind of posting is inevitable and we can only respond with our explanation and leave it to your judgement.