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Long Term Road Test - 2018 Raptor

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  • Long Term Road Test - 2018 Raptor

    Wanted to share a review and general long-term road test thoughts on my RB BBK - 2018 Ford Raptor...

    I was an early adopter of RB on the Gen2 Raptor. Warren at RB worked with me through the entire process and made EVERYTHING right. Outstanding customer service and dedication to perfection... could not have asked for more. The F+R BBK is HUGE and looks amazing on my Raptor even with 20" Vorsteiner wheels and 35s. I selected this kit as it simply offered a very unique value proposition not available elsewhere. IMO RB was a much better option than Alcon or Baer (very heavy kits with lesser capabilities and rotor size options), a better price/performance option than Wilwood, MUCH better quality than some other heavily advertised and comparably priced brands, and a bargain compared to Brembo (that I would have stressed out over taking off-road). IMHO RB provides a comparable if not better build quality than most of the big-name brand BBK manufactures and is a clear price/performance leader for the Raptor. RB uniquely combines a VERY SMART and bulletproof design from caliper construction/finish, floating hats/roators, and the unique drilled/slotted rotor design along with exceptional performance and durability. I have run these brakes now for 40k miles... NO ISSUES and 110% satisfied. Some initial squeal under light braking (has now subsided), no rust, a bit more brake dust vs. stock but expected given more aggressive pads (but not bad), but most of all noticeable and GREATLY improved stopping power with shorter stops (have not officially measured but clearly noticeable) along with NO FADE whatsoever under hard braking or towing my 6,500 lb boat. I also replaced all 6 Raptor brake lines with SS, and went with a high temp racing fluid. Overall result was a much firmer and higher pedal. For my largely street driving (with tune) along with occasional off-road use this was perfect and greatly preferred over the soft (spongey) and deep stock pedal feel/set up. I could not be happier with my purchase, RB's support, and now proven long-term performance of RB and this product. 100% worth the investment!!!

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    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the review and we wish you continue enjoying your Raptor brake for many more years to come.


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