Joe Solis certainly knows how to take advantage on the principal he represented.
He placed a stock order for 20 sets each front and rear pads from us took extra 15% off on top of his dealer discount plus free shipping.

After we found his misleading advertisement, rather than making a corrective, he decided to terminate representation with RB, followed by falsely claiming to his Visa/Bank that we didn't allow him to return those stock parts he purchased which has then become his property. Unfortunately Visa made a judgement to his favor (he obviously experienced know how), and took his entire amount ($6,583.20) away from our bank account.

He later returned his remaining stock pad sets (7 front & 9 rear) to us, we thought it's fair to bill him for what he used (sold to Trackhawk owners), so we sent him an invoice since 5/13/21 plus several emails and phone calls to settle the payment but he never responded.

We had no choice but to hand this scandal to a lawyer, and I do believe the community needs to know whom you are dealing with. If Joe Solis believes he had the right (or good reasons) not to pay for those pad sets, he should respond to this reply and let Trackhawk owners know.