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Car kit website setup

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  • Car kit website setup

    • Only car kits (IRK,IRP,CRK) will be sold. Front and rear rotors will be set as optional deduct.
    • See FOR-IRK-07 for template
    • Be sure to add Replacement disk w/link in description.
    • Update images. (use

    Brake pads included in the kit is for street driving, for off-street applications please use the links below.
    Front: PD
    Rear: PD

    Break pad Selection Guide

    Replacement rotor ring:
    Front: D
    Rear: D

    Replacement disk:

    1. Do not post the whole sheet of pdf dwg - use only clipping with water mark (see example on other items on web or image server).
    2. Do not indicate rotor weight in "custom fields" - they should be tabulated in a weight table to compare the weight saving against OE whenever possible.
    3. Watch pricing - It was $3750 which is far from front ($1213) and rear ($1050) separately, even though the customer already mentioned his friend purchased the kit for little over $2k, I fixed it.

    4. The shipping weight was adjusted to 75 lbs (vs. 50 lbs); 40 - 50 lbs is normally only for one side.

    Watch the link, spelling and terminology. (Under Description)

    Replacement rotor ring - instead of 'Replacement disks' or 'Disk Replacement
    Under brake pad link, they should be linked to PD1001-3 which will show ALL compounds other than -391, but if the link is PD1001-391 it only duplicates the "street pads" which is already included in the kit.

    Spelling; Brake pad (Not Break)

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    How to Optimize Images for Better Web Design & SEO

    In Subfolder & File Names, Use Only Lower Case Letters, Numbers & Hyphens

    Google and Bing are both terrific at handling complex URLS with spaces and non-standard or encoded characters. Where the problem lies is when other websites link to your documents. If you do not encode special characters, the content management systems of those websites that link to your documents may encode them.

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    According to the technical standard, URLs are case sensitive. Most content management systems handle mixed case addresses by rewriting them to lower case, but check yours and do not assume this. The 11 Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website

    1. Know your audience

    2. Follow the “inverted pyramid” model

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      How to add Blue boots option:
      1. In the Product Information scroll down to the "Customizations" section under product options. (do not use Variant Options)
      2. Click +Add Modifier Options (twice)
      3. Name: Dust Boots
      4. Check "Required" box
      5. Type: Radio Buttons
      6. Add 2 Values
      7. Value 1 Name: Standard (Black) Dust Boots – No extra charge
      8. Value 2 Name: High Temp. (Blue) Dust Boots – Add $__.__ ($2 for every boot) **each kit is for two caliper** (2-$8 / 4-$16 / 6-$24 / 8-$32 etc.)
      9. Click "Save Options"
      10. Click "+Add Rule" this is so your new options can adjust the price on the items.
      11. Choose the Option you want it to add the rule to. "Dust Boots"
      12. Check "High temp..."
      13. Add $__.__
      14. Click Update Rules
      15. Save!
      *****Don't forget to update the image
      *****Add piston sizes to "Description"

      Add customer to dealer accounts:
      1. Create a new group - Enter discount level (25/20%). Can apply to storewide, Category level or Product Level.
      2. Assign existing customers (dealers) to the group.

      Link to Product Options help center:


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        General pricing guideline:
        Car kit: $2,000 to $2,800
        Pad kit: $250 - $400

        Rotors (front or rear): 30% of Car kit - Pad kit, eg. (2800-400) x 30% = $720
        Pads cost is approx 15% (30% of 15%= 4.5% of kit cost (~$420)
        Front pad deduct; 5% = $140
        Rear pad deduct: 3% = $84
        No pad at all: deduct 4% = $112


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          Copy & paste this link for wheel fitment files:

          (may need to print to 103%)

          Then replace 2C30 to "2512" or "2C15"